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24 Hours in Querétaro City

Querétaro, once named the prettiest word in the Spanish language, is one of Mexico's most attractive cities to live in. An emerging star of international investment and business destination, Querétaro is home to the third Wizeline campus in Mexico.

The state of Querétaro is located in North-Central Mexico, in a region known as Bajío. The Bajío region is recognized as one of the most dynamic areas in Latin America due to its industrial appeal and steady economic growth. Santiago de Querétaro, the state’s capital city, is located about 130 miles northwest of Mexico City.

At first glance, Santiago de Querétaro can seem like it is stopped in time. Its baroque cathedrals, quaint plazas, and pedestrian roads are irrefutable proof of a rich heritage. Its pristinely preserved historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. However, upon closer inspection, the city’s personality is also progress and industry. Querétaro has always looked to the future. It is the site of crucial battles for freedom, home to revolutionaries; a place where the current (and liberal) Mexican Constitution was born.

Querétaro has become the fastest-growing city in the country. This is a reflection of its higher education institutions, established technological ecosystem, and a wide range of industry, from aerospace to agro-industry, boosting the local economy.

For all of these reasons and more, Wizeline knew Querétaro was the perfect city to build its new home. How do Wizeline engineers spend their time in such a magnificent city? Follow along as we spend the day in Querétaro.

Getting the day started, 7:00 AM

Most of our engineers in the Querétaro office are parents, so their morning routine starts with the monumental task of getting the children up and ready for school, making breakfast, and driving them to school before heading to the office. Querétaro isn’t as busy as other urban centers, such as Mexico City or Guadalajara, making the average commute time about 20-25 minutes. It may seem insignificant but this short commute is incredibly valuable to the city’s quality of life. The team starts to trickle into the office at 9AM.

Let’s code, 10:00 AM

The Wizeline office is located within one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Querétaro. Alamos District has an eclectic mix of sophistication and hipster ambiance, just a few blocks away from the iconic Queretaro Aqueduct. All these attributes have made Alamos popular among the young and the young at heart. Once the office is in full swing, the team spends an average working day in meetings with peers and customers across the U.S., Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region. From data analytics to programming, mornings are busy.

Lunch & sobremesa, 1:00 PM

One of the things the team enjoys the most is lunchtime. All (yes, all) team members gather and have lunch together, using this moment to connect and share common interests. The sobremesa—small talk around the table once a meal is finished and a common practice for Mexican families—is almost a sacred ritual for the Wizeline Querétaro team. The team’s sobremesa covers a wide range of topics, from shared memories and jokes to current events like the stock exchange or international politics.

Wrapping up the day, 6:30 PM

As a productive day comes to an end, everyone usually grabs a snack and wraps up any pending work on the terrace. There is plenty of time for family and friends after the workday. The city has several options for winding down. Queretaro offers an excellent selection of bars and restaurants for dinner or an early evening drink.

Queretaro has it all. It is an avant-garde urban center with a living, breathing history. Modern, progressive, and invigorating; this is how Queretaro embodies Wizeline’s culture and values.

Written by Brendali Lopez, Marketing Manager at Wizeline
Written by Brendali Lopez, Marketing Manager at Wizeline

Sarai Castañeda

Posted by Sarai Castañeda on November 14, 2018