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Alvaro Cueva’s Experience as a Go Developer at Wizeline

Alvaro Cueva’s Experience as a Go Developer at Wizeline

When I began my professional career as a software engineer, I started off developing web services using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I spent five years mastering these languages and focusing my career around them.

When I got the opportunity to learn Go at a new job, I had to start from scratch, as this was a brand new language for me. Fortunately, I was able to learn Go quickly and really loved it.

Go is a language that you can learn and get to a good level in quickly, but it takes time to master it. Now, four years later, I’m still working with Go and trying to improve my skills each day.

My Experience as a Go Developer at Wizeline

Working at Wizeline has been an amazing experience, not only because of the positive workplace culture and the excellent engineers, but also because of the challenges I encounter every day.

As a Go developer, I have had the opportunity to use concurrency in a real project and see the power it offers up close. Also, in most of our projects, Go can be integrated with several technologies, like Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Redis, and Kafka, among others. This has allowed me to improve my tech stack and knowledge.

If you are interested in learning Go, I strongly recommend taking the opportunity to join the free Go Bootcamp that Wizeline Academy offers.

Seize the Opportunity — Join Wizeline as a Go Developer!

Working at Wizeline is a great opportunity for any Go developer looking to deepen their knowledge, learn new things, earn certifications, and get valuable guidance and support from mentors. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, you’d be hard-pressed to find a job better than one at Wizeline.

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