Automation is Supercharging the Customer Experience

What can every industry learn about boosting loyalty, increasing visibility, and leveraging data with digital automation? Here's a preview of what to expect when you download our latest white paper.

Across all industries, improvements in customer experience (CX) rely on a company’s ability to leverage existing technologies and differentiate themselves from the competition. Automation is already proving to be a valuable tool in this process, giving many early-adopting retailers the upper hand.

This new white paper, How Digital Automation in Retail Can Supercharge In-Store Customer Experiences, digs deep into this topic, uncovering how automation is solving the challenges that retailers face in evolving their in-store customer experience.

The report explores the innovative automation solutions solving today’s retail customer engagement challenges. It provides insight into boosting customer loyalty, increasing visibility, and leveraging data with existing technology, sharing tips of the practical steps and philosophy required to succeed in the implementation of automation.

Excerpts from the report:

Customer Engagement Challenges

Creating repeat business and building customer loyalty. Today’s consumer wants complete flexibility over how to order and receive their products, whether online or in store, basing their experience on how smoothly that process goes. They demand convenient, digital-first experiences that can meet their needs and exceed their expectations at every turn, leading to a consumer preference for retailers that are leveraging technology to provide better CX.

Increasing and maintaining visibility. The Internet has enabled brands to become globally recognized household names, making overall market visibility a challenging hurdle to overcome in this competitive environment. The challenge now comes down to providing an enjoyable, memorable customer experience (both offline and online) that leads to positive shopper feedback and an organic improvement in visibility.

Automation’s Role in Solving These Problems

A robust and reliable in-store automation solution can incentivize customers to return to the store again. It can help to personalize their experience from end to end, or actively communicate with customers when a new product or promotion may be of interest. This, in turn, solves the problem of generating repeat business and customer loyalty—once customers start backing a brand and sharing positive experiences, the brand’s visibility will begin to increase.

The implementation of a CX-focused automation solution is essential to the process of digital business optimization, which entails an improvement in productivity, revenue, and customer engagement. This makes automation is a great place to start when looking to digitize the customer experience.

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Written by Matt Kendall

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on January 23, 2019