A new way to bank with Alexa and WizeBank

A new way to bank with Alexa and WizeBank

At Wizeline, we have noticed that financial services institutions want to have a larger presence in their customers’ homes. Part of a solid digital transformation strategy includes creating a seamless omnichannel experience.

Historically, banking has been among the most resistant industries to embrace digital transformation, but customers increasingly want to interact with banks on their own terms. Calling in and waiting in teller lines have become a thing of the past.

How can chatbots improve the banking experience? Chatbots can address urgent customer inquiries, regardless of bank operating hours. They can increase efficiency by cutting down on the number of basic inquiries, freeing up support agents to solve more complex inquiries.

Customer security is a top priority for financial institutions and using voice-activated technology enables customers to use an emerging technology in a protected way. The WizeBank Alexa skill provides fraud and protection capabilities when customers need immediate action.

We’ve also partnered with AWS to create the next generation of digital for financial services. Wizeline recently unveiled our chatbot team’s latest Alexa skill, WizeBank, to an audience of more than forty CIOs from various Mexican financial institutions.

The demo focused on three key features of banking:

  • General inquiries checking a balance, setting up a travel alert, looking up investment history
  • Customer service to report a lost or stolen wallet, and check for fraud
  • Concierge includes VIP features which banks could implement for premier customers

The Wizeline WizeBank is just one example of how companies can use conversational technology to interact with customers. How can your company benefit from a custom Alexa skill, chatbot, or digital solution? Tell us what you’re looking for here. 

Eric Nakano

Posted by Eric Nakano on May 25, 2018