Guadalajara, Mexico

Be part of something big and grow your startup career in Mexico's world-class tech hub

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FAQ Question 1

We built our first (and biggest) engineering office in Guadalajara because of the incredible engineering talent in the area. GDL is the tech hub of Mexico — the best technical schools in the country, such as Tec de Monterrey, ITESO, and Cinvestav, have a presence in Jalisco. Beyond this, several of our original founding team members had previously built incredibly productive teams between Silicon Valley and GDL, and we wanted to repeat that success.

FAQ Question 2

Currently, about 100 engineers, UX designers, finance people, sales people and marketers work out of our office campus in Guadalajara.

FAQ Question 3

Yes, Wizeline is a venture-backed startup that has raised funds from a range of leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

FAQ Question 4

Yes, every Wizeline employee is eligible to receive stock options once they have worked at Wizeline for a defined period of time.