True Analytics Launches Visual Analytics Tool With Wizeline

The Wizeline team is very professional. I worked with them easily and handed over the requirements they broke down all of the tasks and ran the sprints for me. Most of the people in the team know what they have to do and highlight things that I may have missed. I really fully trust the team that I worked with.

Ampatcha Yu, Senior Product Manager

True Digital

Executive Summary

True Analytics is a division of True Corporation, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Thailand. True Analytics utilizes its metrics from their substantial consumer base to create unique consumer insights. The company transforms, anonymizes, and visualizes the data in powerful ways for their business customers to better engage with customers and prospects.

True Analytics worked with Wizeline to design and develop a SaaS-based visual analytics tool called Digipulse — a market insight solution that shows consumers’ digital behavior such as engagement level, app switching, and other insights across multiple websites and applications.   Business customers can get real information about the impact of their digital campaigns and their competition. 

  • Digipulse uses consumer data to come up with deep insights about the current performance and growth of a business and its consumer applications
  • Digipulse can give industry-specific insights for the performance of your application against competitors
  • These insights not only help the organization make concrete, data-driven decisions, but also enable the organization to invest resources in profitable business ideas
  • Digipulse enhances the experience for users by presenting the usage of data across industries and applications
  • Digipulse leverages modern product development methods and cloud-based technologies to create a powerful, intuitive, and scalable product

By working with the design and engineering team at Wizeline, and by using the lean product development principles, True Analytics could bring Digipulse to market rapidly.


The opportunity

Though True Analytics had access to a huge amount of consumer data, they were not fully utilizing the potential of the data.  They wanted to be able to leverage the data in their organization to create products of value to their business customers. 

At the beginning of 2019, True approached Wizeline to help them develop a cloud-based analytics tool that will help them answer these questions. Wizeline’s charter was to create a product that would enable True Analytics to create light-weight, flexible, and easily accessible visualizations both for their internal and external use.

We did a workshop with Wizeline for a week to identify what was missing from the product. We studied the product landscape together and tried to identify what was missing from the tool. For example, we studied a lot of tools on the market like AppAnnie. These tools did not highlight the real usage of the application itself. Many of the products that are available highlight only the downloads, but True Digital data allows us to see the actual usage.

Ampatcha Yu, Senior Product Manager

True Digital

The challenge

True Corporation has access to a substantial consumer base across multiple platforms and across a wide range of industries such as social media, chat/messaging, banking, automotive, food/grocery delivery, online travel booking platforms, digital advertising, insurance, and real estate. This competitive dataset includes high-accuracy data-point categories such as the number of active users, usage behavior, user engagement data, and so on, from reliable data sources. 

The challenge is to cleanse, transform, and model this immense amount of data in a visual and intuitive manner that business users can use to come up with data-driven decisions by drawing deep insights to understand an organization’s current growth and performance. With access to such information, companies could base future decisions on them.

MVP Release

By the middle of 2019, the product’s MVP version was released and it was called AppInsight. AppInsight was a pure frontend application that was used to visualize and create charts from uploaded CSV files. The user would upload CSV files and the application transforms the CSV data into meaningful charts.

True Analytics was very happy with the MVP release and that the product’s features were exactly what they needed. True then partnered with Wizeline to fully implement all of the app’s functionalities, including the back-end integration and analyzing data from the actual Big Data source. 

Phase I Release

From uploading CSVs to now using Google’s BigQuery, Wizeline was able to propose and implement the app’s solution according to the client’s needs. At this point in time, the product, now known as Digipulse, released Phase 1 and was able to be used by our client’s customers. 

The solution

Working very closely with True Corporation, Wizeline developed the following SaaS-based application hosted on Google Cloud.

Digipulse is built on the Firebase Authentication Platform. The real-time usage data is sourced from the True Analytics platform. This data is then fed to the BigQuery database after it is processed, transformed, and modeled. Digipulse then retrieves the refined data from the BigQuery database and processes this refined data to create Competitive Sets and Visualizations.

Digipulse Product: Visualization for user transition within an app
Digipulse Product: Visualization for user transition within an app
Digipulse: Visualization of user behavior by date, time, and application
Digipulse: Visualization of user behavior by date, time, and application
Digipulse: Persona 360 visualization for app demographics
Digipulse: Persona 360 visualization for app demographics

Most of the tools in the data market highlight a new or churned customer, but they don't know the customer journey. Digipulse can show the path of movement for our True customers, including how users are switching between apps.

Ampatcha Yu

True Digital

The results

The Digipulse prototype and V1 received positive feedback from early users and the team is now mapping out the next phase of work to add functionality based on customer feedback. Digipulse expects that they will capture more of the market after the next phase of development. 

“We are adding more competitive set data to the product. We plan to have a major change to the product to update the data on a weekly basis rather than a monthly basis,” Ampatcha Yu, Sr. Product Manager, said, “We’re also adding functionality to filter by customer segmentation, like ‘new customer only’, or behaviors like ‘high engagement’. We also plan to fully utilize the Customer 360 feature in the underlying layer to let people build their insights based on personas. We’re going to start in mid-September and it should take 3-4 months to complete and will be working with Wizeline to build it.”

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