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Celebrating 5 Years of Wizeline Vietnam!

Celebrating 5 Years of Wizeline Vietnam!

In late 2016, Wizeline launched our Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City, expanding our global footprint into the Asia-Pacific region. It’s been a fantastic experience accumulating the best talent in Vietnam and consistently delivering innovative solutions for our customers.

To commemorate our anniversary, we interviewed the longest-tenured member of our Ho Chi Minh City office, Nhi Mai, to get her thoughts on the journey so far.


Can you describe what it was like opening the Vietnam location?

How time flies! It all seems like yesterday. I still remember the first day of work at Wizeline at the Dreamplex 1 office. We only had 12 people on the team, but we were like a family. We had the opportunity to welcome Bismarck to the new office, which was amazing. 


How has Wizeline Vietnam grown and changed over these five years?

It has been an incredible journey filled with ups and downs. In every year of operation, we’ve recorded some extraordinary milestones and grown a lot as a team. It all feels like a dream come true.

In 2016, Mexican Wizelineners arrived in Vietnam to open our office in the Dreamplex 1 building with 12 employees. Bismarck visited the office, and everyone was in high spirits. We also started working with our first APAC client.

In 2017, some of the first Vietnamese Wizeliners visited the Mexico offices for a culture exchange. We moved our office to a bigger space and organized our first event, attracting a lot of attention in the Vietnamese tech market. We also partnered with local communities like Coderschool and Grokking for several community events.

In 2018, we moved offices again, celebrating our office opening with a visit from the Wizeline executive team and our biggest clients. In the same year, we landed our first client in Thailand, True Group, allowing our teams to collaborate with our customer’s teams on-site in Thailand. 

In 2019, we opened the Wizeline Bangkok office, expanding our footprint wider into Asia. We also widened our scope of work and solutions for True Digital and True Analytics while simultaneously launching our collaboration with Rokt and delivering innovative solutions to all our clients.

In 2020, the COVID pandemic hit, bringing a lot of uncertainty to our business and teams. However, in true Wizeline fashion, we managed to stay afloat. We launched our partnership with AirAsia, delivering never-seen-before custom solutions to expand their business.


What makes the Vietnam team unique? And what are the team’s greatest strengths?

I’m proud to confirm that teamwork and collaboration are the greatest strengths of the Vietnam team. All team members are always supportive, regardless of team structure or hierarchy. Our team spirit is something I want to emphasize as it is a part of the broader Wizeline APAC culture.


What is the team most excited about for the coming year?
The year has come to an end, and Vietnam’s COVID situation is still unpredictable. Early this year, I thought that we would face a lot of challenges, but at the moment, I’m delighted to see tremendous growth in the APAC team. We received several new projects with exciting challenges, and the team is feeling very enthusiastic. 2021 brought us new opportunities, and we are eager to welcome 2022.


More Excitement About Wizeline Vietnam’s 5th Anniversary

Here’s what some other members of the Wizeline Vietnam team had to say about their experience so far:

“I started working for Wizeline over three years ago, and this is the most memorable experience of my career so far. I have learned a lot and developed myself professionally and personally. Wizeline is an open and friendly environment filled with lots of talented people. At Wizeline APAC, I’ve experienced multiple projects with different technologies, broadening my scope as an engineer. The company also supports team members to take certifications such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Kubernetes. I feel so lucky that I joined Wizeline three years ago. Thank you, Wizeline, for the great experience so far.”

– Kien Vo

“Joining Wizeline almost three years ago marked a significant change in my career and life. At Wizeline, I am surrounded by talented, open-minded colleagues who I learn a lot from and trust. It’s a place where we enjoy working and delivering together. I’m proud to be part of an organization where people come first.”

– Hoa Ta

“What I appreciate the most at Wizeline is how all leaders in the company value empathy. This is fully part of our culture. People truly care about team members’ well-being, listening and supporting each other with authentic kindness and generosity. Having such an open and safe environment is very important, especially in this challenging time with the pandemic where we have to work remotely and keep social distance. This positive energy and happiness at work results in engaged and high-performing teams.”

– Lien Hoang


We are delighted about the positive experience our Wizeliners in Vietnam have had so far and look forward to the next five years of collaboration. Our Wizeline Vietnam team continues to grow and expand rapidly. If you’d love to work with an enthusiastic team to solve complex problems through innovative technology solutions, you should head to our careers page

Aisha Owolabi

Posted by Aisha Owolabi on December 15, 2021