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Wizeline builds AI-powered bots that enable 1:1 interactive customer experiences at scale.

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What can a bot do for my brand?

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Bots drive 5X more engagement than apps by enabling customers to interact via messaging apps they already use.

Gain Customer Insights, Fast!

Gain Customer Insights, Fast!

Track customer brand engagement trends and capture valuable customer feedback via their interactions.

Hit Your Brand Goals

Hit Your Brand Goals

Use Wizeline's bot analytics to make targeted offers, improve conversion rates and raise brand loyalty.

How Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Work

How Wizeline chatbots work

1. Users interact through apps they already have, use and trust.

2. Natural Language Processing layer receives the user's message and fetches an appropriate response, learning over time.

3. Wizeline pulls response content from Knowledge Base, CMS, or Data Store(s).

Identify trends and take action

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Bots are easier to use and 10X faster to build than traditional apps

Save Time & Money

Bots are easier to use and 10X faster to build than traditional apps. Leverage our team to deliver the experience you need, right now. With Wizeline AI Bots, you can be live in as little as 2 weeks.

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