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Make Support Your Customers' Favorite Channel

Wizeline's artificial intelligence-powered chatbots boost customer satisfaction and make support teams more productive and efficient.


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How A Chatbot Can Help My Support Team

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Mitigate Angry Customers on Social

Quickly identify and respond to customers who are venting about support issues on social media.

Gain Customer Insights, Fast!

Support Global Customers 24/7

Give your customers an always-on channel to access approved support materials, even during off hours.

Hit Your Brand Goals

Automate Self-Serve Support

Chatbots resolve routine issues and questions automatically via chatapps your customers already use.

"Chatbots reduce the distraction associated with answering the same questions over and over again, enabling my team to focus on high-priority customers issues."

- Director of Customer Care, eCommerce

Integrate with your existing platform

Wizeline's chatbot solution integrates with your existing stack, driving additional value from content you've already developed and ensuring that customers see only messages that your team has approved.

How Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Work

How Wizeline chatbots work

1. Users interact through apps they already have, use and trust.

2. Natural Language Processing layer receives the user's message and fetches an appropriate response, learning over time.

3. Wizeline pulls response content from Knowledge Base, CMS, or Data Store(s).

Identify trends and take action

Chatbots trends screen

Bots are easier to use and 10X faster to build than traditional apps

Save Budget, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Bots are easier to use and 10X faster to build than traditional apps. Leverage our team to deliver the experience you need, right now.

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