pmNERDS increased conversion rates and decreased workload for community managers

pmNERDS worked with Wizeline to build and launch a custom chatbot solution that supports pre-sales efforts and offloads redundant work for community managers.


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Bots address very common questions and requests which literally gave me 4 hours back per day. We have launched a coaching program that would have never been possible when our community managers were way overworked.

President & founder of pmNERDS

Val Workman

Executive Summary

Wizeline’s chatbot was able to dramatically improve customer service by freeing pmNERDS employees to focus on fewer but higher quality interactions.

  • 40-50% reduction in workload for community managers
  • 20% increase in conversion rates for new members and web page visitors
  • 15% increase in web page traffic from chatbot routing prospective customers


pmNERDS offers online courses as well as coaching and mentorship supported by member volunteers. Founder and President Val Workman sought an automated solution that would support current customers and also maintain long-term digital relevance.

“We needed to enforce standardized language. It would take two or three years to train a junior employee to speak as an expert, and by standardizing we could quickly ramp up customer support with an AI bot,” Workman said.

While Workman discovered many off-the-shelf chatbot solutions, he ultimately selected Wizeline because of their ability to produce a customized “jukebox” style chatbot that dynamically updates based on available content.

“Our community members are the ones who write our courses. I can’t have a static menu; our course schedule changes every month. The people who invest their time and money in a course want to see it advertised by the bot,” Workman said.

Additionally, the bot architecture needed to support more than just text. pmNERDS wanted to show prospective students a ‘card’ for each course that accommodated diagrams, images, or GIFS as well as the corresponding course links and value proposition.

Wizeline integrates ‘digital jukebox’ for pmNERDS

Wizeline’s chatbot lives on the main page of the website and proactively greets new visitors displaying a menu of options. Unlike a human agent limited to working hours, the bot is available all hours of the day to answer students’ questions and assist with course navigation.

Wizeline designed a dynamic menu option with easily-maintained discussion flows to keep up with the pace of change. The marketing team at pmNERDS can change menu items, call-to-action text, pictures, and web links at any time using Wizeline’s design.

Successful community manager and future chatbot coaching

The bot solution not only improves the daily life of community managers by filtering out mundane or repetitive questions, but also positively impacted customers. Since implementing the Wizeline bot, the pmNERDS team has seen a 40-50% reduction in time spent on customer support, which has enabled employees to work on higher value but more time-intensive programs such as complimentary coaching.

The chatbot has also made pmNERDS more attractive to course developers and instructors. Course developers trust the chatbot to respond to 50-60% of inbound questions. With a 24/7 customer service layer, pmNERDS has improved conversion rates by around 20% and increased traffic to web pages routed by the chatbot by 15%.

As a next step, pmNERDS hopes to build upon this success by enabling chatbots to provide coaching. The bot will act as a guide throughout online training sessions and help with new student onboarding. pmNERDS hypothesizes that online assistance will result in better participation from both instructors and students.

“We want to use bots to anticipate questions a student usually has and help with student onboarding, so instructors can focus on more important questions and tasks,” Workman said.

Community managers now invest their own time into developing their coaching skills; there has been a definite shift in behavior. Community managers feel like they can make a difference in their community, and are empowered to impact customers’ lives rather just getting through an 8-5 job. Clients can feel the difference.

President & founder of pmNERDS

Val Workman

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