How Sparkcentral uses Wizeline to unlock new customer growth

Sparkcentral aims to forge the future of customer experience by building innovative software applications that makes companies incredibly personal and efficient in engaging with individuals.


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Sparkcentral is reimagining the future of customer experience and engagement. Their customer support and experience platform enables partners like DropBox, Uber, and Netflix to build 1:1 relationships with customers — and listen to, respond to, and effectively resolve issues over every channel.


Since day one, Sparkcentral has taken a collaborative approach to product development. Product ideas and customer requests come from all directions — from Sales, Customer Success, Marketing and Engineering. In the early days, keeping track of all of this information was relatively easy — and it was usually clear to the Product team what the priorities should be.

As Sparkcentral’s customer base grew in size and diversity, difficulties set in. It was no longer obvious where product development effort should be focused. At times, product decisions were made on the basis of hearsay or the loudest voice in the room. And keeping teams aligned required frequent meetings and check-ins between Product and their various stakeholders — both internal and external.

Wizeline helps us pull in the information from our sales and customer success teams to make more data-driven decisions.

Head of Product

Meg Christolini

Key to any scalable product development process, the Sparkcentral team sought a central place for making, managing and tracking feature requests. Sara Carter, the company’s head of Customer Success, discovered Wizeline, anticipating the platform could help her team maintain a clearly ranked list of their customers’ top product priorities.


After experiencing the Wizeline platform — together with head of Product, Meg Christolini, and product manager Ryan Dodds — Sara and the Sparkcentral team rolled Wizeline out to their Customer Success and Product teams.

A main focus of the initial rollout was Product Tracker, Wizeline’s Salesforce application, which makes it easy for customer-facing teams to submit requests that are automatically tied to customer information, such as account type or a revenue number. It soon became clear which customers had requested what — and how much business opportunity each request represented to Sparkcentral.

What Wizeline has helped us to uncover is the importance of a feature or a request, and its impact, more quickly.

Head of Customer Success

Sara Carter

Once Meg and her team saw early success with Product Tracker, they began using Wizeline’s full functionality, namely prioritization and roadmapping. Using revenue and account based insights from Sales and Customer Success, Sparkcentral’s Product team is now able to identify — and quantify — what matters most.


Using Wizeline, the entire Sparkcentral team has gained transparency into which customer needs should be prioritized — and why. Meg’s team has also been able to quantify the business impact of her decisions, and can use this information to ensure that whatever gets built will benefit a majority of Sparkcentral’s customers. Added bonus: the team has seen a 90% time savings. Meetings are shorter, less frequent and more productive because everyone across Product, Engineering, Sales and Customer Success references the same single source of product information.

As Sparkcentral continues to bring on new enterprise clients from around the world, they rely on Wizeline as their platform of record for ensuring all teams deliver on their product vision and unmatched commitment to customers.

What Wizeline enables us to do is create that team alignment.

Product Manager

Ryan Dodds

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