How to Hire the Right Development Team

According to a recent Forbes article about global IT industry trends, businesses are putting more weight than ever on client referrals. This trend holds true across the board. Client referrals now have far more sway in selecting IT development firms than any other element in the procurement process.

The Power of Client Referrals

“Why are more businesses relying heavily on the input of similar companies and trusted advisors to select tech outsourcing partners? Because cold, hard financial calculations are not the only factor to weigh when assessing who will contribute to the creation and execution of tech tools, processes and systems… Industry insight, culture and collaboration capabilities are all considerations that must come into play when selecting a partner whose work will have deep influence on how a company operates and delivers. Referrals, much more than costs analyses, provide greater insight into those critical areas.” – Anna Frazzetto, Chief Digital Technology Officer and SR VP of Global Technology Solutions for Harvey Nash

At Wizeline, our tools and technology have transformative potential. We look to our clients to judge our merits. When our clients are excited about the products and services we provide, we know we’re on the right track. That’s why we turned to Clutch to help us capture client feedback.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and review agency that compiles client testimonials, case studies, and objective quantitative data, to establish a consistent baseline with which to gauge success in industries across the globe. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch is a reputable firm that makes feedback more efficient and transparent.

Clutch recently ranked Wizeline a top software development firm in San Francisco and the top mobile app development company in Mexico. Clutch’s platform granted us the opportunity, but we couldn’t have done it without our clients, whose candid reviews helped us rise to the top.

SF Software Developers Leaders Matrix

What Clients Are Saying

The SVP of product at Jitterbit was thoroughly impressed with his experience working with Wizeline. “They delivered on their promises and let us know if something would be late. Out of all the vendors I’ve worked with, they’re definitely one of the top three. They have a prescribed framework, which makes things simple and organized. We knew exactly what the plan was, and everything went smoothly.”

The lead engineer of a home construction enterprise was thrilled with Wizeline’s commitment to education. “Independent from their hard work on our project, I found that they spend a lot of time educating their community on the best practices for web development or UX or design thinking. They’re spreading knowledge for the sake of knowledge, not for any vanity reasons.”

Our team aims to invigorate the software development industry with new energy and drive. By leveraging ratings and reviews from Clutch, we can refine our process and better understand our clients. Read our reviews on Clutch and contact us here for a consultation on your next development project.

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on August 20, 2019