Future of Broadcasting with Arc Publishing and AWS

It’s critically important that publishers and broadcasters are able to get news and information to the audiences they serve, helping readers and their families stay safe and informed as the coronavirus pandemic evolves. The combination of social distancing and a story that is intrinsically local made a product like Broadcast feel more essential than ever before. For the enterprise customers we serve, the ability to keep their workforce and customers informed has never felt more urgent,” -

Scot Gillespie

Arc Publishing

On Tuesday, August 25, Chris Coughlan, Managing Director at Wizeline, hosted a webinar with Zach Willner, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, Anaïs Felt, Sr. Product Manager at Arc Publishing, and Matt Monahan, Head of Product at Arc Publishing, for a discussion on how their respective companies are building technology solutions for live broadcasting and newsrooms.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about:

  • The future of live broadcasting and how newsrooms are adapting to current times

  • Real-world examples from Arc Publishing on how broadcasters are creatively using live video

  • Best practices from AWS and how the industry as a whole is changing

Leslie Medina

Posted by Leslie Medina on August 25, 2020