Google Next OnAir|Week 1 Industry Insights

GoogleNextOnAir invites us to connect digitally, collaborate, and solve together the most important challenges our businesses face today. Wizeline is a Google Cloud Partner and we would like to share with our customers and community what we learned during the first week of this fully-digital event. 

We are all facing 3 global trends, the future of work will be more digital, more collaborative, and more flexible. These trends are reflected in the growing investment in cloud, public cloud penetration is expected to increase by 20%.

Offer distributed infrastructure-as-a-service in all environments

  • Offer advanced capabilities for compute, storage, network, security, management and DevOps tools with advanced security capabilities.
  • Provide solutions (public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, mobile edge cloud) in all environments, no matter where you are. 
  • Reinforce strong commitment to security and privacy through confidential computing, thread visibility and protection, and assured workloads for compliance.

Continuous innovate digital transformation platform

  • Anthos: Run Anthos now on bare metal, multi-cloud – AWS, Azure (preview), and mobile edge cloud. Modernize your development practice, develop faster using operational best practices with a data-driven framework with Anthos.
  • BigQuery Omni: Analyze data from Azure and AWS, bring the power of BigQuery without the need to move your data. Google again reinforces its commitment to multi-cloud. 
  • Streaming analytics: Improved streaming analytics capabilities. Gain business insights with real-time data.
  • Google has added a natural language query interface to BigQuery.
  • Enterprise data platform: Business Intelligence, embedded analytics, packaged applications, data-driven workflow. Obtain consistency in how you view data.
  • Machine learning platform/data science pipeline: Prepare data, train and validate models, deploy, and scale.

Harnessing the power of BigQuery to analyze your data in any cloud is revolutionary and can help remove the siloed data problem common in a multi-cloud approach. We can now leverage superb analytics capabilities across all cloud environments.

Luis de Alba

Data Lead @ Wizeline

Provide deep industry expertise


Retailers face important challenges today, they need to accelerate omnichannel commerce, transform the customer experience, and modernize core operations. Consumers are forming new patterns, they are trying to regain control, focusing on everyday basics, bringing the outside in, expecting eCommerce “always on.” Google sees as top priorities for retailers, to boost online experiences – eCommerce, scalable omnichannel experiences, 1:1 personalization, to rethink store operations – adjusting staffing, more pick up and delivery options, to ensure organizational readiness – work from home solution, to build a resilient supply change – real-time analytics capabilities, understand inventory position at all times, and to reimagine customer interactions – video, augmented reality, social commerce.

What solutions does Google Cloud offer?

  • Drive operational improvement and cost reduction: Inventory optimization, contact center AI, SAP on GCP, Anthos hybrid multi-cloud platform, accelerated cloud migration.
  • Become a customer-centric and data-driven retailer; unlock the value of your P&L: Data warehouse modernization, customer data platforms, targeted digital marketing, demand forecasting, retail common services, retail analytics with Looker.
  • Capture digital omnichannel revenue growth with modern systems and new experiences: eCommerce modernization, new business channels using APIs, BFCM/peak season protocols, AppSheet, product discovery (recommendations AI, visual product search, search for retail).

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies are transitioning from traditional paid TV to direct to consumer via streaming services. Audiences are hungry for more content.

What solutions does Google Cloud offer?

  • Produce content securely from anywhere: Organizations need to establish remote workflows. Power agile production workflows and safeguard remote content production.
  • Enrich content management with AI and ML: Maximize the value of existing content since the creation of new content has paused. Digitize, categorize, index and activate content, making content indexable and searchable.
  • Build scalable, global distributions platforms: Use premium network tier to keep traffic as long as possible and stay close to your viewer.
  • Develop deeper audience insights through data and analytics: Harness the power of data through your viewer journey to offer a personalized experience, using BigQuery and Looker.

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Patricia Palacios

Posted by Patricia Palacios on July 29, 2020