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IWD 2023: How Wizeline Is Working to Advance Gender Equity

IWD 2023: How Wizeline Is Working to Advance Gender Equity

During March, we take the time to honor the countless women who have fought bravely and tirelessly for equality, justice, and opportunity. 

At Wizeline, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are embedded in our core DNA and values. While we make it our mission to promote the advancement of women daily, each year, with help from the DEI Office and the Women Initiative Council, Wizeline takes the time to commemorate International Women’s Day. Last year we helped #BreakTheBias; you can learn more here. This year, we #EmbraceEquity. This aims to raise awareness of the difference between equality vs. equity and the importance of creating workplace equity. 

Equity is a crucial concept for promoting gender equality in the workplace. While equality focuses on treating everyone the same, it often overlooks the fact that women face unique barriers and challenges in the workplace that require specific support and resources to overcome. Equity recognizes these challenges and seeks to provide women with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the workplace. 

Moreover, promoting equity for women in the workplace is not only the right thing to do but also essential for creating a more just and equal society. When women have the same opportunities as men to succeed in their careers, they can break down gender stereotypes and inspire future generations of women to pursue their dreams.

Wizeline’s Approach to Empowering Women in the Workplace 

In 2018, a group of women from different departments and backgrounds started the Women’s Initiative Council at Wizeline’s Guadalajara office. Their common thread was a desire to create a more inclusive workspace by empowering the female employees at Wizeline to break down gender bias and other barriers to equality.

After a couple of brainstorming sessions, they came up with the idea to start a learning program called “Women in Leadership.” The program’s aim would be to create a safe space for women to come together, share their experiences, connect, and participate in mentorship sessions.

The program launched in 2019 through Wizeline Academy and was a great success. The women who participated said that the experience increased their confidence and, more importantly, it filled them with a sense of belonging. 

Fast forward to 2023: Ten editions of the Women in Leadership Program have taken place, with 480 women spanning 12 different nationalities among the participants. Several of the women who have graduated from this program are now leaders at Wizeline.

Key Takeaways from Women in Leadership

Over the years, we have listened to thousands of women tell their stories and noticed unmistakable similarities. Many women feel insecure when asking for a pay raise, and most are too afraid to bring it up at all. It is commonplace for male team members to get credit for women’s work and to get a promotion instead of them, which further exacerbates the feeling of not being good enough and deserving of a pay raise, recognition, or promotion.

The insights gained by our Women in Leadership cohorts and their facilitators are invaluable. Running these events and hearing women from diverse backgrounds tell their stories gives a broader perspective and confirms the urgent need to promote actionable change to ensure we are creating and maintaining environments in which women can thrive. 

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace at Wizeline

To forward our mission of building safe, welcoming workspaces where talent can develop and shine, Wizeline has several initiatives that reflect our key pillars of innovation, community, and ownership:

Innovation – 70% of our executive staff members are women 

A recent report by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company found that women are still dramatically underrepresented in leadership roles: Only 1 in 4 C-suite executives are women, and only 1 in 20 are women of color. 

Wizeline is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, with 70% of our executive staff being women of different nationalities and backgrounds. This is one way we ensure the company’s decision-making is being done through the lens of a diverse team. 

Community – Women in Tech Council

“There is power in bringing women together.” – Sheryl Sandberg

About 20% of women say they’re often the only woman in the room at work (McKinsey & Company, 2022). And since most senior leaders are men, women have less access to mentors, sponsors, and role models who can relate to their experiences. 

The Women in Tech Council is a Wizeline initiative created and led by our women leaders who are passionate about positively impacting the community and dedicated to the mission of building a world where all women in tech can flourish. This council has developed learning, mentorship, and training programs to create awareness within the company and equip employees with the knowledge they need to become mentors, sponsors, and allies. In 2022 alone, the council reached more than 800 women through various programs, workshops, webinars, guest speaker events, and more.

Ownership – Women in Leadership Program 

In accordance with our motto of “doing well while doing good,” we offer our Women in Leadership Program to the external tech community as well as to our Wizeliners, extending the benefits to a global audience that includes diverse community members and even some of our amazing customers. This is a free bootcamp focused on creating a supportive community of women and giving them the necessary tools to advance their professional development in tech. 


“I appreciate that you take the time to provide this program to external women. The content is excellent, and it will help me a lot in the future; it has motivated me to work towards a better position (in leadership) and to create a plan to achieve this goal.” -Giovanna Ponce, Women in Leadership Alumna


“This program provided me with new tools to overcome my insecurities in my career. I learned several methods I wouldn’t have previously thought of on my own that boosted my confidence. I also had the chance to practice these methods with other successful women who were part of the program. Women in Leadership is a rich source of motivation for all those women trying to succeed in tech careers, in a space which men have historically dominated.”  -Elisa Margarita Mendoza, Women in Leadership Alumna & Data Scientist in Japan

Closing the Gender Gap Once and for All 

We are very proud to say that thousands of women have already participated in Wizeline’s learning and development programs, and we look forward to connecting, inspiring, and empowering many more. We’d like to commemorate International Women’s Day by closing with a quote from our Women’s Program Coordinator, Cristina Cuellar:

“We all have something in common: We all want to feel a sense of belonging. By feeling that we belong, we gain confidence and enter a safe environment in which we can be our true selves and unleash our full potential.”

Learn more about Wizeline’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and our commitment to fostering a supportive and accepting environment where all employees – regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or religion – can thrive.


Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza

Posted by Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza on March 7, 2023