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International Programmers’ Day: Getting to Know Wizeline Programmers

International Programmers’ Day: Getting to Know Wizeline Programmers

International Programmers’ Day, celebrated on the 256th day of the year as it is the number of distinct values that can be represented with a byte, a value well known to programmers. This day honors the innovators who continue to change the world one code at a time. At Wizeline, we recognize the positive changes and important contributions our programmers make to improve our everyday lives and help achieve our business goals.

To commemorate this day, we asked Wizeliners what they loved most about being a Developer at Wizeline. Here’s what they had to say: 


“​​What I enjoy the most about working at Wizeline is that there are very talented people. I learn something new every day, and the management really cares about us. You have the opportunity to apply new technologies and learn from them. Wizeline is a company with an excellent culture and growth opportunities, and I have not found anything that I don’t like. I love working here.” Viri Nápoles, QA Software Engineer


“Being a programmer at Wizeline means generating a positive impact in everyday people’s lives through code. I enjoy solving problems and creating value in the form of amazing products.” José Carlos García, iOS Software Engineer


“I love all the valuable experience that I get in resolving problems and requirements, working in a team, and looking for the best solution to help build world-class products.” – Aldair Parra, Android Software Engineer


“What I love about being a programmer at Wizeline is that I can develop my technical skills in a safe space where I can experiment a lot, access mentors that guide and support me in every step, and get recognized for the achieved goals. Also, there are a lot of internal programs that Wizeliners can access to grow continuously.” Andrea Muñoz, Software Engineer


“The thing I enjoy the most is the opportunity to collaborate with really great teams, build exciting projects worldwide, and the way managers are always keeping an eye on our needs.” Aaron Negrete, Senior Android Software Engineer


“As a programmer, I enjoy solving problems, as programmers are problem solvers by nature, and something that I find very appealing is when I’m in a place where I can do that to my full potential. At Wizeline, I’ve found such a place not only because I’m empowered and encouraged to take full ownership to develop and deliver solutions, but also because of its people and culture. Being a fully remote employee comes with a lot of benefits, but also with a few challenges. There are times when I don’t know what to do next. Still, I know that every Wizeliner is willing to help other Wizeliners, so I can raise my hand and ask for help from literally anyone in the company to find innovative solutions and get unblocked. I really enjoy being a Wizeliner because of our culture.” Omar González, SRE Engineer



“I enjoy being part of apps used by millions of people and love the idea that I am using an app in which I was part of its development. Also, being a programmer gave me the flexibility of working from any place, which has been fundamentally crucial during this pandemic.” Daniel Bañales, iOS Software Engineer


“For me, to be a programmer at Wizeline is to grow professionally. It is to learn new technologies and be at the forefront. To be a programmer at Wizeline is to do what I like! Being a programmer and providing solutions to our clients with our knowledge gives me great satisfaction as a professional.” Evelyne Franco, QA Software Engineer


“Wizeline gives me the facilities to improve my skills not only in Android but in any programming language. Also, on the team, I have found so many awesome people that help you and also make you feel comfortable, making Wizeline even better.” Anonymous, Android Software Engineer


We are honored to have all these amazing programmers building great software to solve our customers’ most challenging problems. Ready to join the Wizeline engineering team? We have many open roles! Check out our careers page and apply for your next job opportunity today. 

Ana Cristina González Villicaña

Posted by Ana Cristina González Villicaña on September 13, 2021