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Future Now: Practical Applications of AI & How to Benefit Today

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Once seen as a far-out future technology, AI’s promise is now ready to be realized. Join us for a panel discussion centered on practical steps to adopt AI today.

According to IDC, the worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) market will grow from $327.5B in 2021 to $554.3B in 2024, registering a five-year CAGR of 17.5%.

The growth of the AI market will coincide with significant adoption by enterprises looking to increase efficiency, improve user experience, and introduce intelligent automation across all business processes.

While there’s no denying that AI is set for continued growth in the 2020s, the panel will focus on how the technology is in many ways here and ready to use right now!

By 2024, 70% of enterprises will use cloud and cloud-based infrastructure to operationalize AI; and by 2025, 50% will have developed AI orchestration platforms to do the same, according to Gartner.

Paul Walborsky

Founder at AI.Reverie

David Scharbach 

Founder at MLOps World

Alejandro Rojas

VP, Applied Analytics at Parrot Analytics

Hayde Martinez

Sr. Data Engineer at Wizeline

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