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Payment Innovation in Retail

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The retailers who tap the power of payment innovation will own the future of shopping

Join us for a panel discussion on how Rappi, Stripe, and Troquer are driving the future of shopping experiences.

Discover how the current trends - sustainability, frictionless, and payment objects - ignite retailers' opportunity to increase revenues.

Learn how payment innovation in retail is accelerating financial inclusion in complex regions such as Latin-American.

Financial technology has been reshaping different industries for the last decade. COVID-19 just hastened the need to democratize the access to goods and services to everyone and embrace innovation in this field.”

— Anibal Abarca, Chief Technology Officer at Wizeline


Juan Miguel Guerra, Head of RappiPay México at Rappi


Diana Molina,  Head of Partnerships, LatAm at Stripe


Ytzia Belausteguigoitia, Chief Executive Officer at Troquer


Hosted by Anibal Abarca, Chief Technology Officer at Wizeline

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