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Learn how Google BigQuery can simplify data operations, make data more accessible, and protect customer data

At the start of the millennium, we entered the beginning of the digital age. 2002 was the first year that digital storage capacity surpassed total analog capacity. The compounded annual growth rate of data is expected to be around 60%. So data continues to grow, not only in volume and velocity but in complexity.

Luis is the Head of Data & AI at Wizeline and manages the Querétaro office in Mexico. He is a computer science engineer with a master’s in machine learning and data mining. Luis has over 13 years of experience as a developer, data scientist, and team manager.

Carlos is a data engineer and an avid learner, especially when it comes to big data, automation, computer vision, image processing, and machine learning. Carlos has worked with big data and machine learning for the past five years. His experience ranges from working on R&D projects to designing and building production-ready data solutions in the cloud. He loves taking on challenges that teach him something new.

Ana Costilla is a data engineer with a master’s in big data science. She has over eight years of experience in the field and is currently the team lead for an information services client in Barcelona. She teaches data science courses through Wizeline Academy and is an active leader on the data team.