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Teaching and Learning at Wizeline: Language Learning in a Global Workplace

Teaching and Learning at Wizeline: Language Learning in a Global Workplace

In this increasingly global economy, language learning in multinational workplaces can be the gift that keeps on giving. As part of the talent development perks at Wizeline, Wizeline Academy offers English classes to enhance language skills that help our Wizeliners become more comfortable and confident using the English language. Going above and beyond, our instructors offer classes that are useful for Wizeliners’ growth in the company, help them achieve professional goals, and help them prosper personally.

How Does the Wizeline English Teaching Program Work?

Through this program, participants learn how to fluently express themselves about work- and non-work-related topics with better pronunciation, improved syntax, and fewer grammar errors in oral and written form. A major goal is for individuals to be able to carry on a conversation to make meaningful connections with clients and native-speaking collaborators.

To learn more about the program, hear from our instructors on how they go above and beyond to make the learning experience great for their students:


What is the course format?



What are the benefits for individuals participating in the English Teaching Program?

  • Upgrade listening and communication skills
  • Improve communications between both colleagues and clients 
  • Develop a greater understanding of the culture, business practices, and social etiquette
  • Increase opportunities to work on diverse projects
  • Provide employees with a sense of achievement and confidence

What Wizeliners Have to Say

Here are some testimonials from students of the program. Read about the direct benefits they’ve gained and how they’ve grown throughout the language program.


“The class has been very dynamic and entertaining. I’ve liked the approach of focusing on the development of work/professional skills instead of only grammar and rules. I find this more nurturing and engaging. Coming from a project where the clients are mainly Spanish speakers, the class has given me the space to continue improving my English skills and vocabulary. I like that my instructor acknowledges that the class is about communication and not just learning English.” – Luis Venegas Villalpando


“My instructor is excellent. She shares great feedback, clearly explains all the topics, and each class is fun since all of the dynamics are different. The way she teaches has helped me improve a lot.” – Ivan Reyes


“My instructor has helped me improve my English at different points with my presentations. I have learned how to engage with a large audience, work with my tone of voice during the conversation, and improve my grammar, expressions, and vocabulary. He’s always available to answer questions or have one-on-one conversations that help me achieve my goal of improving my knowledge of English.” – Antonio R. Bosch


“Thanks to the sessions with my teacher, my communication skills have improved. These sessions have been a help to me during my interviews with clients. My teacher is patient. She makes herself available to help prepare us for our interviews, and she offers positive, constructive feedback if we mess up during conversations with her. That has been a big help because the information is fresh, and it allows me to see my mistakes.” – Roberto Saucedo Franco


Join Wizeline & Start Improving Your Language Skills

At Wizeline, we believe in investing in our team members, helping them to improve their abilities, and increasing their confidence levels. We do everything we can to advance Wizeliners’ career development, and this program directly helps our people actively achieve their full potential.

Looking to enhance your English language skills while working on exciting projects incorporating cutting-edge technologies? Join Wizeline and reap the benefits experienced by the Wizeliners above and many more.

Tajma Brown

Posted by Tajma Brown on May 27, 2022