Doubling Down on a Multi-Cloud Strategy for Customer Success

Doubling Down on a Multi-Cloud Strategy for Customer Success

Wizeline works with customers to develop their software delivery best practices through DevOps; maximizing the value of their data through machine learning and analytics, and being a savvy ally in their cloud adoption journey. Learn how our partnerships with Google and Amazon enable our team and approach.

Adopting a multi-cloud strategy

According to Transforming Applications and Multicloud Operations by IDC, in two years, IT departments expect to consume 30 percent public cloud, 41 percent private cloud, and 28 percent on-premise. Cloud has become the standard for delivering software and applications. Adoption will continue to accelerate as businesses seek the flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness that cloud capabilities offer.

As a cloud services partner, Wizeline is seeing that companies are starting to opt for a multi-cloud strategy, using cloud services from multiple cloud providers. Public multi-cloud has been growing in popularity as companies look to avoid vendor lock-in, protect themselves in a disaster recovery scenario, and benefit from smoother migration of data and applications. 

Wizeline takes an agnostic, multi-cloud approach to cloud solutions and provides custom cloud strategies for each of our client’s business and technology needs. We have partnered with two industry-leading cloud providers, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, to offer our clients seamless and reliable cloud solutions. And while we have extensive experience working with each provider, we do not work exclusively with either. 

Google Cloud Platform 

Wizeline became an official Google Cloud partner in 2019 in all the regions where we have a presence—North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. We’ve focused our expertise on Google’s Application Development and Smart Analytics solutions. Our cloud team is made up of Google-certified professionals with demonstrated customer success using Google Cloud—data engineers, cloud architects, software engineers and more. As a cloud partner, Wizeline provides experience working with a wide range of industries and solutions areas. Wizeline is ready to support customers who need off-the-shelf solutions, migration support, new app development, or end-to-end support of an entire cloud strategy. 

As Tomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud, said, “We give you this platform to paint a new vision for your company to imagine what was once considered impossible, and to transform the way you serve customers in every industry.” Read the latest by Kurian at Google Next ’19 UK.

Amazon Web Services

Wizeline became an official AWS partner in early 2018. Since then, we’ve focused on growing Wizeline’s internal expertise through AWS certifications, in-house workshops, and ongoing training. Our team has worked on multiple projects building customers’ products and platforms using AWS technologies. 

AWS continues to accelerate its pace of innovation. In 2019, AWS released over 6,000 new features and changes, that’s approximately five new features or changes every day. Wizeline stays up-to-date on all these AWS features and launches to offer the newest solutions to our customers. In 2020, AWS will focus on extending beyond its current regions to help customers run workloads in more distributed locations with low latencies. AWS also has a number of cost optimization initiatives, including programs that help reduce costs by up to 66 percent.

The value of working with a certified partner 

Why should organizations work with a partner to implement cloud solutions? For much the same reasons that they would hire a partner to build software and products. Many companies don’t have the resources, support, or expertise to implement cloud on their own. A partner has certified professionals with experience working across multiple industries, regions, projects. 

Wizeline has helped organizations migrate to the cloud and build applications in the cloud. Our team takes on the responsibility of transferring knowledge, frameworks, and methodologies to the customer organization so that it can keep innovating with cloud solutions. Implementing GCP or AWS solutions through Wizeline can accelerate a customer’s product roadmap and free up internal resources to work on the core product.

As we move into 2020, we are hyper-focused on ensuring Wizeline customers can access the latest cloud technologies through these partnerships with Google and Amazon. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our cloud experts to discuss how cloud solutions can help you tackle your 2020 initiatives.


By Patricia Palacios, Google Partnerships Manager, and Alejandra Páez, AWS Partnerships Manager
By Patricia Palacios, Google Partnerships Manager, and Alejandra Páez, AWS Partnerships Manager

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on December 16, 2019