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My DevOps Journey at Wizeline Colombia

My DevOps Journey at Wizeline Colombia

I joined Wizeline in February 2022, but my DevOps journey really started in March 2020, when the pandemic struck hard and we all had to stay at home. 

Back in 2018, a relative suggested I work to become an AWS solutions architect, but it wasn’t until March 2020 that I decided to continue to study hard in order to reinvent myself and shift my career to become a cloud engineer.

I come from a sales and business administration background, but I also have experience with IT support for servers, web hosting, and WordPress.

I started my cloud computing learning path with a great company from Mexico, Bootcamp Institute, as an apprentice for an AWS cloud engineer.

Then, two awesome companies from Argentina provided me with the chance to start applying my knowledge as a junior DevOps cloud engineer. 

Unlocking New Opportunities at Wizeline

Even before mapping out my career transition to cloud computing, I had heard great things about Wizeline. From the beginning, I considered the company to be a career goal – a place where I would love to work in the future.

Before I joined Wizeline, I was already focused on improving my hard skills. Now that my dream has come true, I can say with certainty that this is one of the best experiences of my life. 

Wizeline is a company where you can grow and help others to grow on a daily basis. Plus, you can be a mentor or mentee at Wizeline Academy, which provides training on both hard and soft skills. I already have two certifications from AWS and one for Azure. Right now, a Wizeline Academy program is providing me with the tools to get my third AWS certification.

Wizeline not only solves business challenges with design and technology, but also provides one of the best employee environments I have experienced. As we say, #AllAreWelcome here.

Some Humble Advice for Fellow Tech Professionals

For other tech professionals still seeking their dream job, I would like to share a few pieces of advice:

  • As you gain more experience in the tech world, don’t forget to continue working to improve your English communication skills.
  • Learn about a cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.) and make yourself an expert in one or two topics.
  • Maintain a continuous learning mindset to improve your soft and hard skills.

Become Part of Our Talented Team

If you are looking for an incredible opportunity and a great company in Colombia or another country, Wizeline may be the perfect place for you. I invite you to follow us on LinkedIn @Wizeline and @WizelineAcademy to find information about upcoming bootcamps for IT professionals who want to keep expanding their skills. 

Also, why not give yourself the opportunity to become a Wizeliner? We have open roles for engineers in Colombia, Mexico, Vietnam, and Spain. Apply here today if you’re interested in joining our global team.

Ana Karen Aguilar

Posted by Ana Karen Aguilar on July 27, 2022