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On the Record podcast episode #2: Tech in media

Wizeline CEO Bismarck Lepe interviews Lin Cherry, General Counsel at Wizeline. In this episode, they talk about Lin's early days at MySpace, the importance of technology in media, and Lin's new role in Diversity & Inclusion.

In Episode 2 of our podcast, On the Record, Wizeline CEO, Bismarck Lepe, interviews Lin Cherry, General Counsel at Wizeline. 

They start by talking about Lin’s career journey from being at the forefront of technology evolution in the media space and working with DirecTV in the early 2000s to launch in India.

Lin was also with the team at News Corp, which acquired MySpace, one of the largest video and music streaming platforms.

Lin commented on the MySpace acquisition, saying:

I think it was a brilliant move. Unfortunately, it didn’t play out the way it was intended to. During the MySpace days, there were so many super innovative advertising deals, not just around content, but also just generally, you know, monetization of the site, including a deal with Google at that time.

When you see the players in the market — Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok, you know that they’ve taken that playbook and run with it in terms of ad-driven social media. And that’s what MySpace was. What MySpace was doing was super innovative. Everybody was on MySpace.”


Bismarck and Lin then discuss her reasons for switching from working predominantly in media to joining Wizeline and working at a technology services company.

One of the highlights for Lin has been her ability to have a wider impact than just legal. In addition to her General Counsel role, Lin recently became responsible for Diversity and Inclusion at Wizeline. Lin mentions that creating inclusive programs for underrepresented groups in the workplace is a massive part of growing an engaging and enduring culture and is something Wizeline is doing very well. 

“Over 20% of the people who work at the Wizeline office in Mexico aren’t from Mexico. For example, we have individuals who relocated from Egypt to Mexico. We needed to ensure that they felt included, cared for, and respected in a new country and work culture.”

Diversity and inclusion has been and continues to be a key strategic initiative for Wizeline and are integral to the company’s operations and how Wizeline serves its customers.


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Aisha Owolabi

Posted by Aisha Owolabi on October 5, 2020