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Q&A with a Wizeline Technical Recruiter

How many times can you apply to Wizeline? Has COVID-19 changed the way we interview? Answers to these questions and more from our Lead Technical Recruiter, Edith Rojas.

Wizeline is lucky to receive thousands of applications from candidates around the world. We are always posting new roles and the skillsets we’re hiring for can change month to month. We encourage anyone interested in a job at Wizeline to apply and stay in touch with us by taking Academy courses. 

Edith Rojas is a Lead Technical Recruiter at Wizeline and talks to dozens of candidates every day. In this post, Edith shares some wisdom to help applicants understand what we look for in employees and common questions. While some of the questions here are specific to engineering, we are actively hiring for designers, project managers, technical writers, business teams, and more. Please head to for the most up-to-date openings. 

I heard that Wizeline has a really long interview process! Is this true?

Due to the pandemic and office closures, we recently cut down our interview process to 1.5 hours. We evaluate communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and software development good practices. We encourage you to refresh your memory on data structures and practice some algorithms and problem-solving exercises with the programming languages of your choice.

How has COVID-19 affected recruiting at Wizeline?

The main change on our side is that we conduct all interviews remotely, which has been going really well so far. We understand that interviewing remotely isn’t the same experience as being in one of our offices, but we will do our best to make the candidate experience positive. 

Wizeline has offices all over the world. Can I apply to work abroad?

Being a global company is a huge perk of working at Wizeline. You will meet people from all around Latin America, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, Spain, and more. As soon as the pandemic subsides and travel is permitted, we offer opportunities to work abroad or for relocation.

I applied for a job at Wizeline over 6 months ago, but I was rejected. I’m still interested in joining Wizeline. Should I continue to reapply?

Yes, please do continue to apply! There’s no limit on applications. Our needs are always evolving so we may not have the right role for you right now, but we could in a month or so. Also, we always try to provide comprehensive feedback to candidates on ways they can improve and encourage them to participate in Wizeline Academy programs. 

Is every interview the same?

No, the interviewing processes are specific for each role. We do apply the same process in SWE, no matter what programming language you use.

If I’m hired at Wizeline, is it possible to change careers?

Yes, definitely. We work in teams, and we encourage everyone to work together to solve challenges. Collaboration is more important than specific roles, and there are great opportunities to gain experience and exposure to different roles.

If I am a back-end developer now, is there any opportunity for example to apply for an opportunity in another area, like SRE?

Yes, definitely. We recently launched the SRE Apprenticeship Program that is meant for Engineers who already have experience and want to transition to SRE. We also regularly offer a similar program for Data Engineering – keep tabs on our website for upcoming programs.

How is Wizeline enabling career growth for employees?

Wizeline Academy is our free, community-based education program that offers courses across our disciplines. Internally, employees have access to Academy programs that are specifically designed to help them progress in their role and specialization. We also offer certification programs from cloud providers (ex. AWS) and technologies (ex. Stripe).  We also have a strong network of mentors and Tech Leads to support everyone when working with our customers.

I want to change my career and pursue software development. Can I apply even if I have very little development experience?

I would recommend that you take a look at our apprenticeship programs. This could be a great opportunity for you to gain more experience while also working toward a career in engineering.  

Does Wizeline have a preferred cloud partner?

No, we work with all major cloud vendors and have strong partnerships with all of them, particularly AWS and GCP. With our clients, we are cloud agnostic, which means that we will use the cloud partner of their choice. You can learn more about our partnerships at

I see that Wizeline has a ton of open roles for Go developers. What do you look for in these roles?

These are some of the key experiences or competencies that we are looking for; I would encourage you to highlight and explain how you have done that in the past: 

  • Create and secure API endpoints
  • Manage orchestration 
  • Design and build new features along with business and PM teams
  • Design and build services in a cloud-native platform
  • Monitoring & instrumentation
  • Design complex cloud / serverless features

What does Wizeline look for in QA engineers?

  • Strong analytical and communication skills.
  • Experience in development and testing, with programming skills in Java, Python, or Javascript.
  • Experience in test automation / API test development, utilizing design patterns and automation framework development from scratch.
  • Solid understanding of Agile methodologies and practices.
  • Solid understanding of QA methodologies, including planning and strategy design.
  • Creativity, ownership, and adaptability.

Do you still have questions?

We encourage you to connect with our Talent team on LinkedIn or by participating in an interview to learn more. Check out all of Wizeline’s open roles at

Edith Rojas, Sr. Technical Recruiter
Edith Rojas, Sr. Technical Recruiter

Caroline Buck

Posted by Caroline Buck on October 8, 2020