Chatbot Users & Conversational UI Adoption Patterns [eBook]

Conversational UI & chatbots are transforming consumer interactions - data shows consumers are moving beyond apps to context and personalization.

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Chatbot Users & Conversational UI Adoption Patterns [eBook]

Conversational UI is in its early stages of transforming all kinds of consumer interactions. A 2016 Gartner prediction stated that 25% of households in developed economies will have digital assistant interfaces to the connected home by 2019. This shows that customer expectations are moving beyond apps to context and personalization.

Wizeline conducted an online survey of 1,012 anonymous adults (18+) in the United States. Our goal was to quantify consumer patterns and show how they’ve adopted new technologies like conversational UI, voice platforms, and making purchases through a bot. The top findings include:

  • Chat app use doesn't guarantee chatbot adoption
  • Over 1 in 3 consumers who reported never using a bot have, in fact, used a connected home device or a digital assistant
  • Chatbot users are 10% more active on other text-based feedback channels like online chat and text apps than non-users
  • Men are more comfortable buying by chatbot than women. 56% of men said they were comfortable making a purchase via chatbot compared to 44% of women
  • Millennials show the highest adoption of chatbots but seniors are most likely to be satisfied with their experience

Chatbot Users & Conversational UI Adoption Patterns [eBook]

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