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JIRA + Wizeline Portfolio: Better Communication & Visibility Across Teams

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JIRA is used by 30,000+ organizations around the world for product and project management. Cross-functional teams from engineering to product and even marketing use the software to bring together initiatives get projects to completion.

Wizeline connects our Portfolio software with JIRA to provide a high-level view of where projects sit, milestones, and their time to completion. Join us to find out why this is important and how Wizeline Portfolio can help communication at every level of your org.

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Matt Eggertson
Senior Product Manager


Matt leads development teams for various Wizeline products, including recently released Wizeline Roadmap. He formerly built products at AppNexus and Flatiron Health as a product manager and engineer.

Mark Gopez
Director of Demand Gen & Digital Mktg


Mark leads the Demand Gen & Digital Marketing team at Wizeline. He has 10+ years experience marketing various industries, from non-profits like the Boys & Girls Club to startups like RichRelevance and Gliffy to big enterprise companies like Disney. Although he specializes in search and channel marketing, he also is a front-end developer on the side.


  • Why is this integration important?
  • JIRA + Wizeline basics
  • Best practices for roadmap sharing
  • Wizeline dashboard demo