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Bring Your Plans to Life with Wizeline Roadmap

We’re sorry! But this webinar has already occurred. The recorded version below is available for your viewing.

Learn how to bring your plans to life as visual roadmaps that everyone can understand. Join Wizeline Senior Product Manager Matt Eggertson and Senior Product Marketing Manager Peter Moore for a discussion on roadmap planning best practices, Q&A and a live demo of the new Wizeline Roadmap tool.

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Matt Eggertson
Senior Product Manager


Matt Eggertson, Senior Product Manager

Matt is Wizeline’s Senior Product Manager. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and his professional background includes R&D architecting and data insights for companies like AppNexus and Flatiron Health.


  • Why roadmaps matter
  • Wizeline Roadmap overview
  • One minute roadmap
  • Q&A