A Full-Stack Team with Decades of
Silicon Valley Experience

Extend and strengthen your team’s digital capabilities with Wizeline’s full-stack product development team

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We Solve the Right Problems

Enterprises and software companies partner with our full-stack product development team to deliver world-class products, quickly and efficiently. Together, we identify the right customer problems to solve, then design and deliver innovative technology products that achieve the desired market outcome.

We Work Different

We don’t just write code — our team is a trusted partner in product delivery. We work closely with your team to deliver complete products, while sharing best practices on product design, UX and agile development. We’re big on active communication, and ensure that every project we complete is paired with clear and comprehensive documentation. Result: you deliver great products while gaining the know-how needed for continued success.

We’re Masters of the Latest Standards

From consumer-facing mobile apps to complex enterprise applications, our team is expert in the core technologies needed to produce results — reliably, securely, and at scale. More than that, our team actively monitors new technology developments, sharpening our skill set on emerging standards and vetting out technologies that may not yet be ready for full-scale deployment.

We Test, Iterate, and Improve

Most development services teams stop as soon as the code is complete. Not us. Inspired by our ethos — “solve problems and deliver outcomes” — our team tests and iterates to ensure that the work we do achieves our clients’ desired outcomes. Result: whether you’re looking for a 5-star app rating or higher user retention rates, our team is by your side until we succeed together.

Full-Stack Development Pods: Our Proven Model

Inspired by Agile, our pod-based approach maximizes output and scales fast.

Anatomy of a Wizeline Pod

5 Expert Engineers

Big enough to move mountains, 
small enough to move fast

1 Project Manager

Responsible for active communication 
and milestone tracking

1 Product Design & UX

Brings user-first design with global impact

1 Technical Writer

Clear documentation to enable 
consistency and repeatability

Rapid Response Team

The market never stands still, so neither do we. Our Rapid Response Team follows trends and stays abreast of new developments before they break out. Recent solutions and areas of focus include:

  • Bots and AI messaging
  • Machine learning
  • Personalization

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