Drive Better Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence Bots

Wizeline builds AI-powered bots that enable 1:1 interactive customer experiences at scale.

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Wizeline delivered an A.I powered chatbot that enables us to have real-time interactions with clients to dramatically improve our brand experience. Artificial Intelligence is leading us to rethink how value is created and Wizeline provided a technical team that understands innovative technology and the Wizeline platform accelerated our time to market"

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Patrick Mazzariol



Custom train bots to match your business needs

5x Engagement

Chatbots are the easiest way to communicate with your customers over any other channel

6x Retention

Having 24/7 support proves to mitigate angry customers and increase retention up to 6 times

Deploy 10x Faster

Chatbots deploy faster than the typical agent can be trained and available 24/7


Host securely in the cloud and integrate seamlessly into you knowledge base or CRM

Amazon Alexa

The Wizeline team develops custom Alexa skills for leading brands and enterprise names.

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