Meet Sara…

Sara has been daydreaming about going on a big trip all year. Late one night, she decides to start browsing flights to Morocco.

Luckily, ACME Airlines offers 24/7 customer services with a chatbot on their website. The chatbot is friendly and can offer Sara immediate assistance.

Meet Sara

Secure Authentication

Sara initially purchases her flight through a chatbot on the ACME Airlines website. She then gives permission to ACME Airlines to contact her via ACME Airlines Chatbots.

Secure Authentication

Voice User Interface

How have the past two weeks flown by so quickly? It’s already the night before Sara’s trip to Morocco!

Amazon Alexa is set up in her bedroom, so it's easy for her to receive quick reminders while packing.

Voice User Interface

Slack Integration

Sara is at work and thinking about her upcoming travel plans. She initiates a conversation with the ACME Airlines Slack bot to prepare for the trip.

Slack Integration

SMS Notifications

She receives a text notification that her flight has changed, and she's at risk of missing a connecting flight.

The bot offers to connect her directly with an ACME Airlines customer service representative.

SMS Notifications

Facebook Bot

Sara has returned home to San Francisco and is uploading pictures of her trip on Facebook.

The ACME Airlines Facebook Bot messages her requesting feedback about the flight.

ACME Airlines also provides a small reward to Sara for loyalty.

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Facebook Bot


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Chatbots are here to stay

60% of U.S. online adults already use online messaging, voice, or video chat services (Source: Forrester).

Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020 (Source: Gartner).

67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year (Source: Business Insider).

Chat communication will increase

The number of users of virtual assistants in the U.S. will grow 23.1% in 2017 (Source: eMarketer).

In 2017, 35.6 million Americans will use a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month. That’s a jump of 128.9% over last year (Source: eMarketer).

Bots deliver lower cost per interaction

Chatbot technology could save businesses $8 billion annually worldwide by 2022, up from $20 million this year (Source: Juniper Research).

31% of business executives believe “virtual personal assistants” will have the largest impact on their business, more than any other “AI-powered solution” (Source: PwC).


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Perfect for short campaigns

Marketing plan includes:

  • 3-month subscription
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Structured conversation flow Bot is equipped to interact in a question and answer format
  • Web & Facebook
  • Unlimited chat volume


Boost your Customer Support team

Professional plan includes:

  • 12-month subscription
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Customized knowledge & terms flows
  • Web, Facebook, and Slack
  • SFDC knowledge base SFDC is an acronym for Salesforce.
  • 25K Chats / month


Integrate with your CRM and tool stack

Enterprise plan includes:

  • 12-month subscription
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Customized knowledge & terms flows
  • Web, Facebook, Slack and mobile apps
  • Custom knowledge base
  • Custom CRM integration
  • Custom integrations with ERP, HRIS, in-house systems, etc Enterprise bots can support custom integrations
  • 50k Chats / month included