Upskill in Today’s Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Free with Wizeline Academy Bootcamps

Upskill in Today’s Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Free with Wizeline Academy Bootcamps

Wizeline truly believes that education can change someone’s life. That is why Wizeline Academy invests in creating free high-quality educational programs to train and develop engineers and developers through different learning programs.

As a case in point, we recently announced that, in the upcoming months, Wizeline Academy will be launching different Bootcamps to prepare the next generation of software engineers in five of the most in-demand tech disciplines: Site Reliability Engineering, Mobile Engineering, Data Engineering, Quality Assurance Engineering, and Web Development.

Keep reading to learn more about these Bootcamps, who they’re for, and how you can enroll to advance your career through the high-quality, free education offered by Wizeline Academy. 


What is a Wizeline Academy Bootcamp?

Wizeline Academy bootcamps are free online learning programs that will help you upskill by teaching new skills that complement existing software engineering skills or reskill by providing the training you need to pivot in your career in software development. 

Upskilling is becoming a relevant topic as a way to empower people for the jobs of tomorrow. Gallup, commissioned by Amazon, conducted the most comprehensive study to date on upskilling, and results show that U.S. workers and their employers receive clear benefits from upskilling programs, including an additional 8.6% in annual income for workers, promotion opportunities, higher job satisfaction, greater retention and an increased standard of living.

The challenge is to get upskilling opportunities that are available for a wider group of people.

Unlike other educational programs, these bootcamps target experienced developers and engineers, providing free high-quality training with real-world scenario challenges and the opportunity to land a job at Wizeline.


Who are the Bootcamps for & Why Should I Join?

If you have previous knowledge in Site Reliability Engineering, Mobile Engineering, Data Engineering, Quality Assurance Engineering, and/or Web Development, Wizeline Academy Bootcamps could help you prepare for a better job in the tech industry. By signing up for our programs, you can accelerate your professional career.

To date, 24 Academy alumni have been hired by Wizeline thanks to our bootcamps. Check out some of their testimonials:

How Do I Sign Up?

Check out our bootcamps landing page to stay tuned about upcoming programs. Once you see that the one you are looking for is open, the process to apply on our website is really simple. 

Once you complete the application form, you will have to complete a technical skills and English challenges in which we will evaluate if your level matches the program requirements. If you get in, you will receive an acceptance email with all the information about the bootcamp. Keep in mind that to provide the best experience to all students, we offer limited seats for each bootcamp. 

Once the bootcamp starts, you will receive a self-study kit, a course project definition, and your assigned mentor information. Throughout the course, you will be able to access 1:1 meetings with your mentor, gain hands-on experience with real-world scenario challenges, and attend active workshop sessions led by Wizeliners.

Applying what you’ve learned throughout your journey in challenges, mentoring sessions, and hands-on collaborative spaces, you will culminate the course by developing a capstone project.

In the end, if you meet all the requisites, you will be awarded a Wizeline Academy diploma and even the opportunity to land a job at Wizeline!

Apply Now!

Are you interested in joining one of these learning programs? Visit our bootcamps landing page to learn more about the program, explore upcoming events, and apply for a chance to change your life through the power of education. 

Ana Cristina González Villicaña

Posted by Ana Cristina González Villicaña on October 6, 2021