[Webinar] Build a Strong Foundation for Digital Products

Discover how Wizeline’s Product Foundations process leverages Business Discovery, User Research, Product Definition and Validation to reduce uncertainty and risk when building and launching a product.

Teams can spend weeks, months, even years, developing new products. But changes across the organization or in the market can cause teams to head back to the drawing board. 

Failing is expensive and all too common. After investing significant time and resources, your product deserves a fighting chance. You can save your team the time, effort, and money by implementing a product strategy that delivers a well-designed, user-validated product.

Watch our webinar The Product Playbook: Build a Strong Foundation for Digital Products as our Director of Design, Joel Monteon, along with our CTO, Vidal Gonzalez, discuss what product teams can focus on to set a product up for success. 

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on May 21, 2020