Modernize your Data Warehouse. Drive Insights.

On June 16, Data experts, Data experts, Luis de Alba, Ana Costilla, and Carlos Zubieta, discussed the impact that a strong data culture can have on your business. Watch the webinar recording above!


Data has always been mission-critical, but today, the scale of data is overwhelming. In a world that’s generating more data than ever, data analytics remains largely untapped—69% of companies report that they are not a data-driven organization.

Deriving meaningful, actionable insights from your data is the key to understanding your markets, identifying your best performers, and better serving your customers. But first—you need a data solution that consumes, manages, and processes complex, high-volume data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What challenges CIOs face in delivering business insights
  • How to adopt a cloud approach 
  • How you can use Google BigQuery to tap into actionable insights


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Leslie Medina

Posted by Leslie Medina on July 16, 2020