Security Best Practices: How to Make Collaboration Work in 2020

On May 7, Wizeline CTO, Anibal Abarca, and Wizeline Security Lead, Jair Sandoval, shared the blueprint for Wizeline's distributed work model and the security best practices that support it. Watch the webinar recording above!

Almost overnight, COVID-19 caused outrageous disruptions in the way we operate. The coronavirus exposed what many of us already knew—the world is not prepared for a pandemic, and not all companies are equipped for remote work.

Wizeline’s security practices enabled us to move our offices to a remote work environment as soon as the pandemic began. But we know this has not been the case for all businesses.

In this webinar, Wizeline CTO, Anibal Abarca and Wizeline Security Lead, Jair Sandoval, discuss:

  • Why and how Wizeline was able to pivot quickly while maintaining secure practices
  • Advice on how to decentralize your tools and services
  • Practical ways to raise security awareness in your organization.

A Quick Look at What’s Inside

Part 1 – Managing the pandemic before it started

Part 2 – What about IT services?

Part 3 – Time to dust off the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Part 4 – DevSecOps

Part 5 – Trust in the Cloud

Part 6 – Adapt processes quickly

Part 7 – Educate

Part 8 – Take control over endpoint security

Part 9 – Customize your event alerting systems

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on May 7, 2020