Wizeline Academy: Developing the Next Generation of Skilled UX Designers

Wizeline Academy: Developing the Next Generation of Skilled UX Designers

Founded in 2017, Wizeline Academy empowers aspiring developers and designers to launch a career in technology. Participants can choose from over 194 courses in Artificial Intelligence, User Experience Design, Software Development, Technical Writing, Project Management, Leadership, and more.

Academy’s latest course on User Experience (UX) Design is a comprehensive training program of over six months taking place from May to December 2021. It aims to leave participants with the actionable knowledge required to build and sustain a successful career in UX Design. 

This free course also fills an essential gap in the industry and academia in Latin America: preparing design professionals to be outstanding UX designers for the tech sector. In doing so, it presents a unique opportunity for participants to learn from industry experts at Wizeline.

At Wizeline, we know that everyone has the ability to become a great UX Designer, regardless of their professional background and experience. UX Design is about being humans who care about other humans, and we are all capable of doing that. It was actually the talent and the strong interest of our community that inspired us and motivated us to design this program. We did it by keeping in mind their particular needs and context, applying the same human-centered principles that we have taught since our team was formed. As technology evolves, the practice of UX Design becomes more relevant. We are committed to the development of qualified professionals that will eventually result in better designs, better solutions, and a better world. This is our effort to make that happen — our contribution to move the UX industry forward.”

Clara Azarel Balderas Gómez

Former Program Instructor, Academy UX Certification 


As of today, there are no programs directly equivalent to the Academy UX Design course. Available courses in the market are either very introductory or inaccessible due to costs. Wizeline Academy continues to make comprehensive courses available to students worldwide for free as part of its mission to foster innovation through education.

The UX certification course consists of 15 modules with live workshops and hands-on projects, after which a certificate is obtained. Participants need to complete a challenge after each course in order to advance to the next one. They are graded by field experts from the Wizeline team who follow defined criteria.

The course is currently in progress with 236 enrolled students, 56.74% of them being women. Participants are from countries worldwide such as Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, the USA, and Vietnam.

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By Clara Azarel Balderas Gómez, former Wizeline Lead UX Designer
By Clara Azarel Balderas Gómez, former Wizeline Lead UX Designer

Aisha Owolabi

Posted by Aisha Owolabi on July 8, 2021