Wizeline Presents at the AWS Media Symposium in Miami

Wizeline Presents at the AWS Media Symposium in Miami

Wizeline recently attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media Symposium in Miami and shared best practices on how media and entertainment companies can improve their customer experience.

  • The Silicon Valley technology services company shared project experience and best practices for designing well-architected, serverless media solutions that drive industry innovation.
  • AWS Media & Entertainment Symposiums are designed for customers, partners, and thought leaders to discuss how AWS services increase agility and accelerate innovation.

February 18, 2020 — MIAMI — Wizeline, a global product development, and design company participated at the AWS Media and Entertainment Symposium in Miami, sharing its company experience using cloud solutions to build new experiences for media companies.

Matt McCawley, Head of Digital Media at Wizeline, discussed the complexity and challenges that face traditional media, including the importance of agile and scalable engineering practices to keep pace with the rapid evolution of media consumption, as well as shifting audience behaviors.

“A new perspective of working is on its way and DevOps processes are key for the fast-paced world that we live in. It will require companies to build multidisciplinary teams and establish workflows that will promote continued experimentation and learning,” said Matt McCawley.

In his presentation, McCawley encouraged media companies to borrow best practices from the tech sector and leverage cloud solutions to increase flexibility, either to publish content faster or to use data analytics to improve the way content is used and shared by audiences.

From a technology perspective, a well-rounded infrastructure allows companies to implement new workflows that will endure and can scale solutions as needed. Above all, a modern infrastructure unlocks more targeted solutions and user experiences for their audiences.

Wizeline is committed to architecting solutions that promote business growth and develop a landscape that relies on technology to generate revenue and promote digital transformation.

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Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on February 20, 2020