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Wizeline at Talent Land 2023

Wizeline at Talent Land 2023

Supporting Tech Talent Development in Mexico

Guadalajara has become a hotbed of technology talent thanks to companies like Wizeline, which have opted to open offices in the “Mexican Silicon Valley.” But what is a bustling city without its people? 

Since its inception, Wizeline has been committed to developing technology talent in Mexico through both internal initiatives and external programs that offer training in the most in-demand tech skills, such as Wizeline Academy. Many other organizations share our vision of supporting and promoting Mexican talent and encouraging new generations to develop their potential through education, innovation, and technology.

To help forward this mission, Talent Network launched Talent Land in collaboration with Jalisco’s state government in 2018. Six years later, the conference remains one of the Mexican state’s most significant technology events for young and emerging talent. Wizeline is proud to have been a partner and sponsor of the 2023 edition. 

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Inside Talent Land:


1.- “Generative AI + SRE” by Hayde Martínez, Senior Technology Program Lead, and Kike Cuevas, Staff Site Reliability Engineer, both at Wizeline:

During this talk, our experts discussed the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve complex problems and the importance of continuously integrating site reliability engineering processes to ensure product scalability. In addition to giving examples of how Wizeline is shaping up to be a leader in AI problem-solving, they closed the talk by inviting talent to learn more about Wizeline by visiting our stand for one-on-one conversations.

2.- “Women in Leadership: Navigating the Path to Professional Growth” by Karina García, Director of Engineering, and Mariel Nilo, Senior Technology Integration Lead in Technology Programs, both at Wizeline:

In this inspiring talk, our #WizeWomen shared their stories and the ups and downs they have faced to become the professionals they are today. From management advice to practical day-to-day tips, Kari and Mariel empowered the women in the audience. They invited them to seek out programs, such as Women in Leadership, that enable spaces where like-minded women can come together, feel a sense of belonging, and share their stories to help each other along their journey in tech.

“We had the opportunity to explain the basic concepts of Generative AI along with SRE. We connected with the audience and demonstrated why SRE is critical to getting AI to production and real life. I loved the connection; seeing their body language showed us how engaged they were and how much they enjoyed the conversation.”


– Hayde Martínez, Senior Technology Program Lead at Wizeline


“We gave insights how important the role of an SRE is in Generative AI implementations. In addition, we highlighted SRE best practices that can help to deliver a scalable and reliable AI solution. I loved that the youth came over to chat with us, showing their genuine interest in AI and SRE topics.”


– Kike Cuevas, Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Wizeline.

“We discussed recognizing and overcoming impostor syndrome, embracing our unique values, and collaborating with others to achieve our goals. With self-awareness, positivity, and teamwork, we can build solid, confident careers that empower us to make a meaningful impact. That was important for us to highlight. Sharing with young talent, especially women, is crucial to creating awareness and increasing confidence and resilience in practicing self-care to create a more diverse environment in technology.”


-Karina García, Director of Engineering


“It is still tough for women to open a path that allows them to grow in their careers. We have to accept that in our industry, there are still many gender prejudices that. However, with initiatives such as those developed at Wizeline Academy, such as Women in Leadership, we can gradually change.”


-Mariel Nilo, Senior Technology Integration Lead in Technology Programs


Talent Land was an excellent opportunity to get closer and meet many event participants. From engineering students to brand managers to potential allies, Wizeline took the opportunity to interact with everyone through activities such as trivia questions, quick quizzes, and raffles offering a chance to win swag. Over 1,500 participants approached Wizeline’s stand to get in touch with the brand and learn more about our work culture, engineer success stories, and job opportunities. 

Many people showed interest in becoming part of the Wizeline team during this event. Young innovators had the opportunity to approach and speak with some of our engineers, who told them about their experience working at Wizeline, the opportunities for growth, and the challenges they have faced in the technology industry. The networking extended to connecting with many of the attendees on LinkedIn and inviting them to follow us on our social media platforms to learn more about our work and upcoming events.


Members of our QA team took the initiative to go around the event in search of talent who wanted to participate in short interviews challenging them to answer the question: “Do you know what a tester is?” This activity offered a fun and relaxed way to interact with event attendees and explain more about what a quality assurance engineer does.

Behind the scenes, the interviewees engaged in conversations with our engineers and heard a little more about our QA team’s internal initiatives to continue training team members, as well as personal anecdotes and career advice for the younger generations.

The Invitation Is Open to Join Wizeline!

As the sixth edition of Talent Land wraps up, we could not be happier to have been part of one of the most significant technology and entrepreneurship events in Jalisco. We’re already looking forward to being part of the next conference in 2024.

For now, we’d like to thank all those who participated in our different activities throughout the event this year. We invite all the budding technology professionals who attended to learn more about life at Wizeline and to browse our open roles.

Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza

Posted by Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza on April 26, 2023