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Women in Leadership | iOS Engineer Marsia Quiroz

In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we've started sharing stories from some of the phenomenal leaders at Wizeline. Marsia Quiroz, shares her inspirational story to become an iOS software engineer. See why we're proud to have Marsia on our team.

Video transcript

Ever since I was a little kid, I felt like I had an engineer inside me… because I was always opening electronic devices trying to understand how they work, how they’re built, what they had inside.

A few years ago, I moved to Guadalajara and I remembered I had a plan to work in the best companies, with the best engineers, with the most experienced people.

And it has been a journey, but I’m really happy with what I have been learning during these years. I’m a software engineer in iOS and I have been working at Wizeline for one year.

Here, I found a place where I can grow my professional skills as much as I want because it’s easy to find people who love to share knowledge, and I think that makes a really strong team. But also, I have a really strong mobile team and they make me feel challenged every day at work.

I enjoy seeing my work and making an impact in the real world. No matter how big or small the result, it makes a difference.

I love technology and I love what I do.

But I also found something that makes a difference between other companies and it’s how important diversity is for Wizeline.

It’s well known that there is a big gap between women and men in engineering.

Here, I found a place where I’m not a woman software engineer, I’m just a software engineer.

I have the same responsibilities, the same challenges, the same opportunities, and for me, that’s something that makes me feel secure in a place because I’m recognized by my professional skills.

A few months ago, my baby was born so one more challenge joined my life. So now, finding a balance between work and family is the key.

We have a daycare at the office and as a mom and someone who works this is really helpful to know that I have my baby close to me because I can be there if something is needed or I can just go to visit.

I think this is really great and Wizeline gives me that opportunity. Since high school, I was surrounded mostly by boys and then it was the same in college and now at work.

Women in engineering are a low percentage and I think this makes us hesitate or doubt our capabilities.

What I would like to say to young girls and other women is… never hesitate or doubt about what you know, and what you can do.

Prove to yourself that you can do anything that you want.

I’m sure that this will make the difference.

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Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on March 18, 2020