Wizeliners sitting around a table

Life at Wizeline

Life at Wizeline


Edén Aragón

Wizeline Senior SWE Technical Lead and co-lead for initiatives for Wizeline's LGBTQ+ Council

"We strive to be more inclusive every day, and we actively look for ways to represent human diversity within our organization.”

Eduardo Borda

Wizeline SWE Manager and part of the Tech Leadership team

“Wizeline Academy enables Wizeliners to grow in numerous ways. The program offers leadership and effective communication training to strengthen soft skills, courses to learn new technologies, advanced certifications to improve technical skills, and more."

Josías Rico

Wizeline Technical Writer and member of the LGBTQ+ Council

“At Wizeline, I’ve felt very welcomed and included – more so than at any other company. I get to be myself and to know other people who bring their authentic selves to work.”

Jose Antonio Azuara

Wizeline Software Engineer and Wizeline Ambassador

"At Wizeline, reinventing yourself is not only allowed but actively encouraged, no matter your level of seniority. For someone in the tech industry, this can make the difference between becoming obsolete and staying relevant."