Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations should foster diverse, inclusive, safe, and supportive environments where all employees can thrive irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, religion, or sexual orientation; this has been a discussion for decades, but action is now imperative.

— Bismarck Lepe, Founder of Wizeline

D&I is threaded throughout Wizeline’s DNA and values


Wizeline’s DNA reflects the story of our founder

As the immigrant son of Mexican migrant workers, Bismarck was taught the value of education, that everything is possible, and respect for all. He attended Stanford and was an early employee of Google.

He returned to Mexico to build companies that reflect Silicon Valley ideals in order to provide opportunities for local talent to build meaningful careers.

By connecting with the local community and investing in initiatives focused on education, innovation and entrepreneurship, Bismarck built a robust local technology ecosystem.

Wizeline’s expansive growth can be attributed to a respect for talent and the empowerment to innovate and take action that is built into our culture.



Wizeliners feel empowered to take on relevant D&I initiatives that make a meaningful impact.


Our commitment to D&I is reflected in the opportunities we provide for success on a broad basis, recognizing that talent is widely dispersed.


D&I fosters more diverse perspectives that allow us to more creatively solve for the challenges of our clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

Closing the Gender Gap



We're moving towards our goal of having 25% of engineering roles occupied by women

LGBTQ+ Pride


Active participant in SFO, CDMX, GDL, and HCMC Pride since 2018

Multicultural Perspectives


Our employees span 20+ nationalities and 10+ countries

Organizational Culture

Named Top Workspace in 2019, 2020 by Expansión
Named Top Company in 2020, 2021

Corporate Citizenship

All Together Council founded in 2020 to facilitate and empower D&I initiatives

Workplace Equality

Active member of Pride Connection
Internal Inclusion Council and Employee Resource Groups

Wizeline Academy


30,000 students

To date, Academy has provided more than 7,000 hours of instruction through more than 150 courses.

Tec de Monterrey offers educational certifications for Wizeline Academy’s long format courses.


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Perfect Score

Named best place to work for LGBTQ+ individuals

Wizeline received the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program certification as an equal work environment with a 100/100 score in 2020 and 2021.

Borderless Talent

We believe talent has no borders. If you agree, join our team today!

Our Approach to D&I

These organizations are responsible for enabling various D&I initiatives, such as our Women in Leadership gender equality program, our LGBTQ+ initiatives, and active learning opportunities such as apprenticeships that promote diversity in collaboration with clients.

Wizeline Academy, D&I Office, All Together Council

Wizeline Academy

Wizeline Academy

D&I Office

D&I Office

All Together Council

All Together Council

Culturally diverse groups


In recognition of 17%+ of employees who identify as non-heterosexuals, the company actively participates in Pride celebrations in GDL, MXC, SFO, and HCMC, and also hosts quarterly LGBTQ+ Open Talks, where both employees and guest speakers present relevant topics and round tables. A 2020 survey indicated the positive impact of these efforts with 94% of respondents indicating they feel comfortable being open about their sexual orientation in the workplace.

People with Disabilities

Regularly hosted company-wide workshops designed to raise awareness of topics around accessibility (i.e. visual disabilities, sign language, etc.)

D&I Office

Women in Leadership Program

A program for women in technology to provide them with tools, frameworks, and practices to navigate workplace challenges and to further their ability to lead, negotiate, and influence with impact.


A series of workshops implemented to highlight the importance of self-promotion in professional life.

The Journey to My Dream Job in Tech

A series of events targeted at high school and female college students to encourage them to pursue an education and a career in technology.