Product Lifecycle Meets Customer Intelligence

Wizeline helps teams determine the right product plan to increase customer happiness and engagement — and achieve other business goals.

  • Know what customers are telling your sales & support staff
  • Know which product features have the most revenue potential
  • Know how product roadmap decisions will impact your business

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How Wizeline Helps...

Sales & Customer Success

Quantify What Your Customers Want

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Product Management

Gain Focus, Save Time & Deliver

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Executive Leadership

Measure & Track Business Impact

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How Wizeline Works...

Rapid Surveys

Know what your customers want & which features will sell.

Smart Prioritization

Enable a data-driven feature prioritization process.

Powerful Roadmaps

Easily create, share & update your product roadmap.

Salesforce & JIRA

Get more out your existing systems & workflows.

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A note from our team

As a team, we believe that product managers don’t build great products, companies do. That is, it requires everyone within an organization—from sales and customer support, to marketing and operations—to contribute meaningfully to product success. We created Wizeline with a single goal: to help companies everywhere build great products.


The result is a platform that’s purpose-built for driving swift, intelligent decisions across the entire product lifecycle. From strategy definition, idea management and product roadmapping, to surveys and executive reporting, Wizeline drives a product management process that’s transparent and effective. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Wendy Johansson, Wizeline’s Director of Product & UX

Wendy Johansson, Wizeline’s Director of Product & UX

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Ricky Sutton, Head of Video forFairfax Media

Wizeline empowered our entire team to identify the investments that would yield the highest near-term product ROI.

Ricky Sutton,
Head of Video for Fairfax Media

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