Phygital Customer Engagement Services

Phygital Customer Engagement Services

Utilizing Phygital Engagement for Integrated and Unique Customer Experiences

Post-pandemic retailers have continued to offer digitally enabled services such as BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store), curbside pickup, and BORIS (buy online, return in-store). However, leading retailers are upping the ante by engaging in phygital experiences such as AI/ML-based augmented reality, live stream commerce, and differentiated mobile and web-based apps.

Consumers expect a seamless and convenient shopping experience, regardless of if they’re shopping online or in-store. By employing the right phygital customer engagement strategy for your business and customers, we help you:

  • Use technology to capture in-person interactions
  • Collect actionable data on customer preferences and behavior
  • Create personalized experiences for each customer
  • Enhance revenue via new and compelling experiences

Leading brands and retailers will continue to innovate in order to provide influencers and consumers the opportunity to experience their brands in unique and highly differentiated ways across the entire shopping journey

— Ken Claflin, Wizeline Head of Retail & Consumer

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