Wizeline Reality Studios

Wizeline Reality Studios

At Wizeline, we unlock the full potential of your project with our user-centered designed solutions. Delight your customers through seamless, engaging, and intuitive immersive experiences. Let our experts help your business expand its reality and enhance your digital experiences.

Our Holistic Approach


Spatial UX

We create enjoyable experiences by understanding how users interact with digital objects and spaces.



Our technology solutions are adapted and tailored to meet the needs of your business.


Asset Generation

We bring your vision to life with high-quality assets.

Wizeline's XR Services

XR Development

XR Development

We help you turn your ideas into immersive experiences. From discovery and art production to full development and live ops, our experts will guide you to select the best technology and go along with you through the process.

- Virtual Reality
- Augmented Reality
- Mixed Reality

Art Production

Art Production

Our art experts will help you create your virtual world, art assets, and environments for your project, be it for a game or a digital twin industrial application.

- 2D Concepts & Illustrations
- 3D Art
- UI & UX

Spatial UX Design

Spatial UX Design

Creating meaningful XR products is not an easy task. Our User Experience experts will help you define and create engaging and enjoyable experiences. They will understand your user's needs, motivations, and pains to create the best immersive experience.

- User Research
- Interaction Design
- Prototyping
- User Testing

Spatial AI

Spatial AI

Our technology combines the power of artificial intelligence, XR, 3D reconstruction, and measurement, allowing us to create highly accurate and immersive experiences that will take your business to the next level.

- XR & AI integration
- AI Measurements
- 3D reconstructions
- AI interactions

Specialized Consulting

Specialized Consulting

We use lean methodologies to help you bring your vision to reality. Our group of experts will help guide you through the process by joining your team, training, and upskilling your internal team.

- Assessment/Compliance
- Spatial UX Design
- Production Management
- Tech
- Preproduction Validation
- Staff Augmentation

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