Podcast: Evolving the Modern Data Stack for a Generative AI Future

Podcast: Evolving the Modern Data Stack for a Generative AI Future

In this podcast episode, Wizeline's CTO and Chief of AI, Anibal Abarca, engages in a conversation with Sean Knapp, the CEO of, as they discuss the evolving landscape of data pipelines and the transformative role of AI.

For years, the data stack has served as the backbone of Machine Learning and AI processes. Now, the paradigm is shifting, prompting the crucial question: can AI reciprocate and enhance our data stack? Abarca and Knapp navigate through the intricate journey of the data stack’s metamorphosis, encompassing key stages of innovation, fragmentation, standardization, and automation.

Central to this dialogue is the concept of Data Mesh, an innovative perspective that redefines data as a product. The duo unveils how it revolutionizes the very essence of modern data stacks. The conversation delves into the practical roadmap for transitioning to a Data Mesh framework and underscores the indispensable role of automation in navigating the complexities and risks that accompany this transformation.

As the conversation moves into the realm of GenAI, the speakers offer an in-depth assessment of its tangible applications. From fortifying documentation to suggesting automated data quality benchmarks, optimizing performance, and facilitating seamless platform migration, GenAI emerges as a pivotal force in reshaping data stack dynamics.

Join Anibal Abarca and Sean Knapp in this podcast episode, as they unravel the relationship between AI and data stacks. Gain insights into the innovative shifts that are redefining data paradigms and discover how GenAI is propelling the journey towards a more efficient, automated, and robust data ecosystem.

Ana Cristina González Villicaña

Posted by Ana Cristina González Villicaña on August 18, 2023