Bring your idea to life with our workshops

Bring your idea to life with our workshops


Workshop Team

Wizeline curates a team based on your business needs and workshop goals.
 We have experts in UX design, emerging technologies, software development, and more.


UX Facilitator

A UX facilitator is a trained expert in design thinking that will guide your team through the entire session.


Solutions Architect

Solutions architects will help your team translate brainstorming activities into well-defined and achievable milestones on a product roadmap.


Technical Lead

Technical leads will be brought in based on the goals of your workshop and will have expertise in specific technologies or subject matters.


UX Designer

UX designers will be present to create mocks, initial designs, and offer their expertise in creating user personas.


Global brands trust us to design their next big idea

“My technical lead and I are so impressed and shocked that we were able to make so much progress in only 90 minutes. We have tried to do similar exercises in the past, and they took weeks and didn’t deliver these kind of results”

SVP of Product Bay Area software company

What set Wizeline apart was the eagerness to understand what problems we were solving. The impression that I got is that they were very much focused on what we wanted to do, what we wanted to accomplish.

Director of Engineering Bay Area software company

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