Meet One of the Faces Behind Data Engineering

At Wizeline, we take don't shy away from messy data. Our team of data scientist and data engineers take on a range of projects and enjoy challenging our clients in the process. With a three-year tenure as a data engineer, Ana Costilla, shares her perspective.

Video transcript:

Data science calls for people who are hungry for knowledge …people who would never shy away from solving problems.

This is a new role that is starting to gain a lot of traction and it’s because they manage large amounts of data and create the architecture that enables the user to make decisions.

At Wizeline, as data people, we help make analogies and gather the information that in other kinds of situations, with the same volume, it would take them weeks.

So I’ve been a part of the data team practically since it started two years ago.

So working at Wizeline on a daily basis is very rich because not only do I get to test models, but I also help with scoping projects, testing different technologies, and overall providing the information and helping the team to build successful products.

One of the most important values that we provide is that we challenge people and we challenge our clients so we can base most of the decisions with evidence and data.

Well one of the main opportunities I tend to enjoy other than facing clients and having meaningful conversations with them is participating in Wizeline Academy.

In this sense, we get to help grow the community that is data-prolific and we get to give back and it’s a very fulfilling experience.

My name is Ana Costilla and I turn data into knowledge at Wizeline.

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on May 14, 2019