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Humans of Wizeline: Gabo Verduzco

Humans of Wizeline: Gabo Verduzco

Meet Gabo Verduzco’s professional journey!

Guided by his passion for technology and thirst for knowledge, Gabo Verduzco has been led from the tranquil landscapes of his childhood to the bustling world of project management. As we tell his captivating story, you’ll witness the evolution of a true visionary and gain insight into the adventures that may be in store for him next. Join us in following this diversely talented tech professional on his journey from CAD designer to Wizeline Project Manager and beyond.


In the heart of Colima, Mexico, a young Gabo Verduzco was already destined for a future that would fuse his budding passion for technology and engineering. With support from his family, Gabo moved to Guadalajara after high school to earn a degree in mechatronics engineering. 

And he didn’t stop there; Gabo then went on to obtain a master’s in engineering management. It was during this continued educational journey that his fascination with technology, robotics, and automated processes fully ignited, ultimately shaping his career path.

Meanwhile, his first glimpse into the world of project management came unexpectedly, when he crossed paths with a professor who worked in this type of role. This encounter would prove to be a pivotal moment in Gabo’s career, setting him on a course that would lead to new and interesting opportunities. 

Origins and Advancements in the Tech World

Gabo’s professional journey started with a role as a CAD designer in a cable factory. From there, he accepted a network support engineer position at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, gaining valuable experience in the field. He continued to climb the career ladder, finding himself in a project management role at a Cisco partner company with a focus on data centers.

It was through his connections in the startup community that Gabo first heard about Wizeline. The company’s unique approach of leveraging small but highly impactful teams built to deliver top-tier work for major clients immediately drew him in. At Wizeline, he found the ideal platform to apply his expertise and contribute to innovative projects.

Reflecting and Looking Forward with a Continuous Improvement Mindset

Gabo’s journey at Wizeline has been marked by ongoing growth and development. He began as a Wizeline Project Manager, leading projects for renowned clients like Disney and Warner Brothers Discovery. Over time, his skills and leadership qualities shone through, leading to his transition into the role of a Senior Project Manager at Wizeline. Eventually, he took on the role of Scrum Master for Inditex, a testament to his adaptability and versatility.

Throughout his career, Gabo has faced various challenges, from demanding stakeholders to conservative developer mindsets. However, effective communication and a steadfast belief in his own knowledge and the development process have been his guiding principles in overcoming these hurdles.

Looking ahead, Gabo has set his sights on further growth and learning at Wizeline, with aspirations of reaching the next level in project management. In the long term, he’s intrigued by the idea of exploring opportunities with major tech giants like Apple, Google, or Atlassian.

Gabo’s journey is one he takes immense pride in. So far, his most memorable project has been for Inditex One, a monumental undertaking that provided unique insights into the operations of the clothing company and left a lasting impression on him. He also acknowledges the transformative mentorship he has received along the way, with special mention to Mr. Klaus Hammer and Galileo Jauregui, who have shaped his professional values and understanding of agility.

Beyond his career, Gabo has a rich tapestry of interests, from video games and anime to horror films, hiking, traveling, and exploring diverse music genres. His move to Europe for the Inditex project remains a standout milestone in his eyes, reflecting his remarkable journey.

Words of Wisdom from a Tech Trailblazer

For aspiring Wizeliners eager to follow in Gabo’s footsteps, he offers the following advice:

1. Embrace humility and learning: Gabo emphasizes the importance of letting go of ego and adopting a learning mindset. Recognizing and addressing one’s own biases and misconceptions is key to personal and professional growth.

2. Be patient and trust your journey: Career growth often unfolds through a series of experiences over time. Patience is crucial, and Gabo encourages individuals to allow themselves the space to develop organically.

3. Value human connections: Building genuine connections goes beyond professional networking. Taking the time to get to know people on a personal level fosters empathy and can lead to more natural work-related conversations and opportunities.

In closing, Gabo Verduzco’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, reminding us that our potential is limitless. With passion and perseverance, we can carve our own unique paths and make a lasting impact at the intersection of whatever drives and inspires us, whether it’s technology and project management or something else.


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