Humans of Wizeline: Karina García Ponce

Humans of Wizeline: Karina García Ponce

In a world where technology is continually reshaping the ways in which we live and work, it takes remarkable individuals to lead the charge of innovation and progress. Meet Karina García Ponce, a seasoned tech industry professional whose journey has been marked by unwavering passion, commitment to growth, and an unshakeable belief in individual potential to make an impact.

Early Roots and Values

Karina’s childhood was characterized by simplicity, discipline, and enthusiasm. Growing up in Ciudad Guzmán, nestled between Guadalajara and Colima, she was raised by parents who excelled in their respective professions of nursing and education. This nurturing environment instilled in Karina a deep appreciation for hard work and a passion for making a difference.

Family traditions held a special place in her heart, as she spent summers with her grandparents in Colima and winters with aunts and uncles in California. These experiences not only enriched her perspective but also fostered a sense of belonging within diverse cultures.

Karina pursued her studies at the Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Guzmán, but her dreams eventually led her beyond her hometown. She recognized the need to relocate to a tech hub like Guadalajara to chase her true calling — a career in the tech industry.

Inspiration often comes from the people who surround us. For Karina, it was her father’s faith in the future of computer science that ignited the spark. Initially entertaining different career paths, she was swayed by her father’s confidence in the boundless potential of technology. With the guidance of supportive uncles and a dedicated teacher during middle school, her path to embracing a tech career became clear.

A Diverse and Ever-Evolving Journey

Karina’s journey in technology began in 2005 when she achieved a degree in computer science engineering. However, that was only the beginning. She embarked on a quest for knowledge, earning certifications in various fields, from Java to leadership dynamics. Most notably, she acquired a certification in No-Code AI/ML from MIT, showcasing her commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

Over the 18 years since she graduated, Karina has worn various hats in the tech landscape, from hands-on development to orchestrating seamless operations. Collaborations with industry giants like Bank of America during her tenure at TCS, IBM, and Amdocs have been pivotal highlights in her career.

Today, Karina serves as the Director of Technology Integration and Leadership at Wizeline. In this role, she shapes global leadership practices, orchestrates organizational initiatives, and ensures the alignment of technology endeavors with overarching business goals. However, her role extends beyond titles; she is a staunch advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, actively contributing to Wizeline’s Women in Leadership Program.

The Wizeline Connection

The path to Wizeline was illuminated by Karina’s husband, who shared an interview featuring Wizeline’s CEO, Bismarck Lepe. The company’s vision of offering free courses, matching talent with captivating projects, and infusing the Silicon Valley spirit into their company in Guadalajara resonated deeply with her. Karina was eager to join Wizeline and contribute to these efforts.

For Karina, Wizeline has been more than just a workplace; it has been an accelerator for her career. The diverse opportunities, strategic initiatives, and direct engagement with the executive team have provided a unique vantage point for her. This perspective, coupled with numerous growth avenues, has allowed her to enhance her skills, engage with various facets of company operations, and make a meaningful impact.

For aspiring Wizeliners and tech enthusiasts, Karina offers this valuable advice:

  1. Embrace continuous learning: Stay curious and committed to learning. Seek out opportunities to enhance your skills, whether through internal workshops, projects, or knowledge sharing.
  2. Network and collaborate: Engage with colleagues across different teams and departments. Collaborative efforts expose you to diverse perspectives and expand your knowledge base.
  3. Seize leadership opportunities: Step up and take on leadership roles, even if they’re small initially. Demonstrating leadership skills contributes to your growth within the organization.
  4. Develop soft skills: Technical skills are important, but soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and adaptability are equally crucial for career growth.
  5. Contribute beyond your role: Look for opportunities to get involved outside of your immediate responsibilities. This showcases your commitment to the company’s success.

Remember: Career growth is a dynamic journey. Stay dedicated, open-minded, and proactive, and you’ll pave a path toward accomplishing your goals.


Evolving Along with Wizeline 

Having been with Wizeline for over five years, Karina has witnessed significant evolution within the organization. What started as a tight-knit group with an entrepreneurial spirit has grown into a global force. The team’s commitment to growth, talent development, and diversity and inclusion initiatives has shaped a more vibrant and varied workplace.

Karina’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Adapting to rapid technological shifts, balancing her work and personal life, and navigating moments of self-doubt are a few trials she has overcome with resilience. Continuous learning, setting boundaries, seeking support, and nurturing personal growth have helped her through these hurdles.

As Karina looks to the future, she is excited to continue making meaningful contributions and seizing new opportunities. Her primary goal is to enhance her leadership capabilities, lead larger teams, and help foster an environment of growth and innovation. She also aspires to play a more active role in shaping the next generation of leaders within the organization and to delve deeper into emerging fields like AI and machine learning.

Ultimately, Karina’s overarching goal is to continue aligning her journey with Wizeline’s growth trajectory, consistently pushing boundaries, embracing new challenges, and leaving a positive mark on both the company and the broader tech landscape.

Karina’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to lifelong learning, inspiring all those who aspire to make their mark in the world of technology.


Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza

Posted by Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza on September 22, 2023