State of Wizeline Academy 2022

State of Wizeline Academy 2022

As we leave behind another year and say hello to 2023, we recognize that new beginnings are just around the corner. But what are new beginnings without reflecting on accomplishments?

We’re working to start 2023 strong, but first, we want to take a moment with you to recap all we accomplished in 2022. Wizeline Academy was built on the belief that education has the potential to change lives, create opportunities, and foster innovation. This year we are committed to continuing down that path to create accessible and free educational opportunities in tech, reaching more and more students every year.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a moment to reflect on what Wizeline Academy and our global community accomplished in 2022:

2022 Impact by the Numbers

Our 2022 Impact in Focus

Reflecting on industry stats, tech continues to be a relatively homogenous, male, and white space, with women and ethnic minorities representing only 29% and 22% of technology organizations worldwide (Statista 2021). 

In 2022, Wizeline Academy focused on breaking down industry barriers to create a more inclusive and diverse tech landscape in which all are well represented. Here are some of our annual highlights: 

  • In an effort to promote diversity and foster opportunities for junior talent across Latin America, we developed six apprenticeship programs, which kicked off in January of 2022. These two-month programs consisted of hands-on work in projects, mentorship, and intensive learning journeys designed for tech program specialization. As a result of these programs, we created employment opportunities for 90 engineers, 60% of whom identify as women, helping to move the needle for both Wizeline and the industry.
  • Celebrating Google’s 2022 #IamRemarkable week, Wizeline Academy’s certified facilitators hosted seven #IamRemarkable Programs. Through these programs, we empowered over 170 women and other underrepresented groups in tech to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.
  • In partnership with Fundacion Televisa, Wizeline Academy hosted three iterations of the Tecnolochicas Pro Program. This program is designed to equip young women and girls in Mexico with tech skills that can help set them up for a career in STEM. So far, Wizeline Academy has graduated 80 girls from the program, upskilling them in the basics of coding and web development.
  • Wizeline Academy collaborated with Naadiya Moosajee, founder of WomHub, to foster public dialogue on the state of diversity &  inclusion in tech. We hosted a free workshop for leaders in the tech community in an effort to gather and explore how we can come together to create a more inclusive future, harnessing the power of diversity within our teams. 
  • During 2022, we hosted four iterations of our Women In Leadership Bootcamp, equipping women in the community with confidence, motivation, self-promotion, and negotiation skills to enable their career advancement in technology. Led and developed by Wizeline’s own female leadership, these programs reached over 200 women in tech.

Hear from 2022 Academy Graduates

“Women in Leadership is a great initiative. These workshop sessions have made me realize how prepared I already am to contribute to my community. The program has also provided me with invaluable insights and tools. It is crucial to continue to support these forums as a way of making gender equity a reality for everybody” 

– Aura Sanchez, Senior Software Engineer, Women in Leadership Bootcamp Alumna


“The Data Bootcamp was the first step in a big career change for me. I learned about technologies and skills that I hadn’t even heard of before. It took a lot of work and effort, but everyone in the program was very supportive. This experience gave me all the right tools for a great career kickoff.”

-Jorge Vega, Data Engineer, Data Engineering Bootcamp Alumnus


“The opportunity for women to come together to learn, support, and grow together in this way is absolutely invaluable. This is such a unique and necessary program that every woman should have the opportunity to experience.”

-Cassandra Dietman, Product Engineer, Women in Leadership Bootcamp Alumna


“The apprenticeship program gave me many tools and opportunities to demonstrate my commitment to continuous learning, plus allowed me to contribute to a real-life project. Before my apprenticeship almost one year ago, I had very few opportunities to work on essential tasks in my field. Now, I realize I’m achieving my goals step by step. This program is a great opportunity, especially for recent graduates who need a little boost to start learning and tracing their paths.”

-Berenice Garcia Hurtado, QA Software Engineer, Apprenticeship Program Alumna


“This program provided me with new tools to overcome my insecurities in my career. I learned several methods that I wouldn’t have thought of by myself that have boosted my confidence. I also practiced these methods with other successful women who joined the program. I think this program is a rich source of motivation for all those women who are trying to succeed in their tech careers in an industry that has typically been dominated by men.”

-Elisa Margarita Mendoza, Data Scientist , Women in Leadership Bootcamp Alumna


“I Am Remarkable helped me to become aware of how all the ‘little things’ I have accomplished so far are the things that have shaped who I am today. Now, I realize that nothing is small when it comes to what I have done – everything is significant.” 

-Natalia Ventura, Head of International Relations at Government of Zapopan , I Am Remarkable Workshop Alumna


“Tecnolochicas helped me realize that I have the skills to do projects that initially seemed very complicated. Everything became easier with practice and the help of my mentors. I never believed that I could build a web page from scratch. Without a doubt, I love this program; if you ask me if I would join the program again, the answer is a total YES!”

-Kristy Martinez, Student, Tecnolochicas Program

Academy Brand Evolution

During 2022, as a collaboration between our Wizeline Academy, Marketing, and Website teams, we dove into the history, story, and purpose of the Academy to build a new brand that stands for equal opportunity in tech education and supports the growth of the industry – and Wizeline – through our continued development.



  • New colors: We’ve updated our color palette to reflect the Academy essence in alignment with the Wizeline brand, aiming to convey innovation, creativity, and fun. The primary blue in our logo is associated with education and technology. 
  • The A in Academy: We’ve incorporated the same silhouette as the “W” in the Wizeline brand to create the second “A” in Academy. At the bottom of the “A,” we’ve used an underscore that is often associated with coding. 
  • The Wizeline wordmark: We’ve included the Wizeline wordmark to represent our affiliation. We are part of the same company, and we share the same vision and values.

Our new logo, brand, and website are a representation of Wizeline Academy’s evolution and of our maturity as a company committed to providing valuable and free tech education for the community. 

Community Expansion 

Building community is at the heart of Wizeline Academy. We foster connection not only through our programs, but also through our various social media platforms. 

We use our platforms to connect with people, provide valuable content on industry trends and tips for career development, and advance Wizeline Academy’s ultimate mission of fostering innovation through education. This year we’ve seen:

  • 20% increase in the number of sessions on our website
  • 49,013 new visitors to our website
  • 25% audience growth on all our Academy social media platforms

This growth is a testament that what we are doing is resonating with the community! We want to thank those who have visited our website, followed along on social media, and participated in Wizeline Academy programs this year – you are all an important part of our growing community.

Closing Words

With 2023 in full swing, Wizeline Academy is committed to expanding our impact, opening doors for diverse groups in the industry, and investing in free tech education for the LatAm community and beyond. We’re looking forward to seeing what this year has in store, and we hope you’ll follow along for the journey. 

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