See Why Mexico Is the Best Option for Outsourced Development

See Why Mexico Is the Best Option for Outsourced Development

We believe that collaboration and cultural compatibility are important factors when selecting a technology partner. This is what makes nearshoring—the practice of transferring development and delivery operations to a country nearby—so appealing.

Even in Silicon Valley, technical talent is a scarce resource. This scarcity of talent has led more than a third of businesses to invest in engineering resources abroad to bridge the skill gaps in fields like cybersecurity and AI. This demand for specialized skills is not slowing down. Both new startups and long-standing enterprises alike need technology partners who can pioneer and architect technical solutions that solve their problems and accelerate their engineering operations.

Major companies continue to expand their operations around the globe. So where should companies go? While there is an opportunity to work with talented engineers worldwide, we’ve found that nearshoring is a strategic move for our clients. The key is to structure engineering capacity and delivery in a way that makes sense for the business, in a region that makes sense for the team.

Allow us to illustrate why our tech hubs in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Querétaro are perfectly poised to support companies from Silicon Valley to New York, and why Mexico is the ultimate engineering partner for U.S.-based companies.

Advantages of working with Mexico

A recent Gartner study outlines why Latin America has the most appeal as a nearshore option for American businesses. Mexico, in particular, has one of the biggest and most established IT and business service markets in Latin America and continues to expand rapidly. Proximity, multilingual talent, and cultural compatibility make for significant advantages.

Time zone compatibility

With projects that run on tight deadlines, every hour counts. Our Mexico-based engineers are able to hold daily standups with our clients in New York, Florida, and California, at a time all parties are comfortable with.

Cultural compatibility

Our Mexican neighbors are in-tune with the social, cultural, and business trends that are valuable to American businesses. This presents a significant advantage when working on products built around media, sports, or consumer brands, and clients experience pleasant interactions when ideas and concepts translate well culturally.

Wizeline CEO and Mexican-American entrepreneur, Bismarck Lepe, is a strong proponent of the benefits that Mexico offers American tech companies. “You’re starting to get the second or third generation of technologists who have experience building scalable products. And it’s not only the talented people that are there but the ones we can attract to live there.”

Beyond tourism and tequila

Mexico is Latin America’s second-largest economy with a $1.26 trillion GDP, placing it as the 13th largest in the world. It has become a very attractive market for foreign investors. Why?

Government support

The Mexican government has created policies to allow venture capital investment to expand. In 2006, Mexico’s corporate legal framework was updated to enable Mexican companies to effectively consider venture capital (VC) investment.

The Mexican government has created institutions specifically intended to favor entrepreneurship through education and incentives, and the creation of private equity and VC funds, such as the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (INADEM).

Investments are being made by funds with Mexican and foreign capital across a broad spectrum of industries, from consumer and financial services to technology, healthcare, e-commerce, and consumer goods.

Technical talent

More notably, Mexico has a young population. With roughly half a population under twenty-seven years of age, Mexico is tech-savvy and hungry for innovation. The university system is producing more than 130,000 engineers every year. In short, Mexico is a hotbed of technical talent. Wizeline recognized this early on and has since been bridging the gap between the amazing talent in Mexico and the market opportunities to help companies worldwide.

The Wizeline way

At Wizeline, our clients categorize our services as nearshore, but they describe us as a consulting partner. Why? Wizeline brings a wholly different experience to our customers than our competitors.  We focus on developing and hiring high-potential talent in Latin America, so our engineers are empowered to tackle business problems and consult directly with clients. We encourage adopting an entrepreneurial mindset when problem-solving.

Relative to established nearshore firms like Softek, Wizeline is heavily betting on its people. We offer multi-disciplinary and multi-national career development that is unrivaled by our competitive set.  We have established career tracks for engineers as individual contributors as well as people managers. We use our own Academy resources to foster career growth for all employees, whether its improving language skills or public speaking prep for a big conference.

In 2018, we opened a state-of-the-art campus at our largest hub in Guadalajara. The new office reflected our values and culture; one built on Agile thinking, collaboration, diversity, creativity, and ownership. The result? A multidimensional 97,000 square foot building centered around collaboration, focus, recreation, and employee wellness, featuring a full gym, a nurse’s office, daycare, and meditation room.

Come visit us

Don’t just take our word for it. Come see for yourself everything that our team in Mexico has to offer. We regularly host clients, partners, and executive visitors through our Executive Briefing Center. Learn what we’re all about and meet our team. We’ll serve you great food and show you a great time. If you’re interested in visiting, contact our Executive Briefing Center Director, Ricardo Tapia at 

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on September 18, 2019