Wizeline Launches WizeOps, A DevOps Podcast for LATAM

We're proud to announce the launch of our new podcast, WizeOps. Wizeline CTOs Vidal Gonzalez and Anibal Abarca, along with Senior Engineer, Franchesco Romero, and some stellar guests will talk about all-things-tech through a DevOps lens. The podcast will be the first DevOps podcast in Spanish.

If you do a quick Google search for “DevOps podcast” you will find at least 20 podcast suggestions. All of this content is available in English. At Wizeline, we work with customers from all over the world, but we have seen a particular need to connect with Spanish-speaking customers and leaders.

Podcasts are about connecting directly with your audience. Being relatable is super important. Most of the leaders and technologists in Mexico have no problem with English, but we want to connect with them in the language that they grew up with.

So if you’re a Spanish-speaking technologist, I’d like to introduce you to WizeOps. We are excited to share stories about the work we do and how we see DevOps shaping our industry. 

You may be wondering why you should listen to us if you’re already connected with our team. We are so wired with this concept of DevOps, that we analyze every challenge that we see our customers face through this lens. That brings an interesting perspective to our conversations since we not only speak about our own challenges but also the challenges many of our customers are facing.

Second, we are all very different. From the three main hosts: Franchesco Romero, Anibal Abarca, and myself; to our drop-in, stellar guests (We literally grab people from Wizeline’s hallways and invite them to join). We bring a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives to the DevOps conversation. How does DevOps influence Recruiting or Sales? Listen in to find out.

Why a podcast you might ask? Well, it is easier to speak your mind than to write your mind. It took me far more courage to write what you are reading right now than to sit down and speak my mind about DevOps in a podcast format.

If you think about it, language for most human beings has historically been spoken. Only for a few thousand years has the written word been our preferred way of sharing information. 

Let’s go back to our old ways of ingesting knowledge and let us embark on a journey of knowledge sharing (in Spanish this time). We hope that you will enjoy what we share (or point us in the right direction). Drop us a line at

P.S. In the future, we would like to explore opportunities to broaden our audience with additional languages — so if you have suggestions for great AI tools for audio translation, send me a message. 

Ready to start listening? Explore WizeOps episodes.

Vidal Gonzalez, CTO at Wizeline
Vidal Gonzalez, CTO at Wizeline

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on December 12, 2019